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Discovering the architectural side of Naples with preAgora event WE WE

After a first sneak peek at Roma Autumn Agora Cagliari Pre-Event and the one organised by AEGEE-Milano, the next one will take place in the lovely southern city of Naples. AEGEE-Napoli, along with their twin local AEGEE-Lviv, will organize the WE WE – West east PreAgora event focusing mostly on architecture. We spoke with the main organizer Nicola Guida to discover… Read more →

AEGEE-Milano is waiting for you to discover their city!

The Autumn Agora in Cagliari is coming close, but the pre-events are even closer. AEGEE-Milano for example is ready for a group of 25 participants between the 24th and 27th of October, showing them their beautiful city under the name “Discover Me (Iano)!” The AEGEEan spoke to President Michela Marin and Vice-President Alexandra Vilcu to find out more about one… Read more →

Health4Youth on living Mediterraneanly

AEGEE-Alicante and the Health4Youth project decided to work together on organising a healthy lifestyle pre-event to Agora Zaragoza already before the summer. And when the event was finally there, a small but very active group of participants, a lot of organisers and helpers from AEGEE-Alicante, and Maria Arends (AEGEE-Groningen) and Sygrit Andringa (AEGEE-Groningen) from the Health4Youth project gathered in Alicante… Read more →

We did brighten our horizons!

One of the pre-event organised before Agora Budapest took place in Bratislava. As the very first event of Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) it confirmed once again that AEGEE events can be thematically oriented. During the event hate speech in Europe and the online combat against it were the main topic discussed and it clearly pointed out that freedom of… Read more →