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Workshops and Progress Meeting VI: LGBTQ Rights and My AEGEE Development

At the upcoming Spring Agora Bergamo, beside plenaries, prytania and workoshops, twelve Progress Meetings (PM) will take place. Excluding a Progress Meeting which will be on Friday afternoon, they will all be on Thursday and Saturday, divided in a morning slot and an afternoon one. Progress Meetings are a very important moment in AEGEE since we all can receive information… Read more →

Workshop and Progress Meeting III: Network Update, Democracy in AEGEE and Backbone of AEGEE

Spring Agora Bergamo 2016 is one week away, and last-minute preparations are in progress. The Agora Booklet has been released, and Progress Meetings are on the agenda as always. We will try to look a little bit closer on the Progress Meetings, that are taking place on the second day of the Agora.   On the afternoon of the 19th of… Read more →