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Students’ Protests Continue In Macedonia In Order To Protect The „Camp Of Freedom”

The students protests started in November 2014 as a response to the government’s interference with the university system. The first reply was after the Macedonian Government announced that they will implement a new law regarding higher education. The law, which would be implemented for the generation of 2017, implied that the students should give a national exam, which consisted out… Read more →

Tuzla Into The Problematique

Protests… they came out of the blue. Tuzla has always been a multiethnic city, where Bosniaks, Croatians and Serbs live, hang out, work and contribute to society together in both good and bad times. The war has ravaged everything behind, sowing hunger, misery and war profiteers nationwide. And the war profiteers could have hardly waited to exploit the suffering people.… Read more →

On the road to equality for LGBT people in the whole of Europe

On the 25th of August there was a large classical concert called ‘the Constellation of Russia’ conducted in Amsterdam. The concert was meant to show the beauty and diversity of Russia’s culture. However, there was at the same time a large gathering of protesters, rallying against the current developments in Russia on the matter of LGBT rights. This is a… Read more →

Dare to protest – dare to change

Mass protest, public action, objecting and lots of other words recently became for us quite usual and commonly used. In fact, in last 20 years they (serious guys in parliaments, governments, councils etc.) managed “to climb” so high from youth, that our voice can only be heard when it is counted in thousands of people, or when youth does something… Read more →