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Léa Charlet, Presidential candidate: “I believe members are the most important part of our organisation!”

Léa Charlet, 24 years old from AEGEE-Paris, is one of the three candidates for the position of President of AEGEE-Europe. She studies Law and European institutions and has been member of AEGEE-Paris since september 2011. She was HR, Secretary and President in her local and involved in the European Level as Fair Manager EBM Valletta 2013, Trainer of the Academy,… Read more →

Balázs Kovács for Network Commission:”Take up the challenge of contributing to empowering antennae”

He  joined AEGEE in 2011 and, after a long experience in the local level as former PR reponsible and current president of AEGEE-Debrecen, he’s now  running for Network Commission at the upcoming Spring Agora Patra. Balázs Kovács, also known as “Bali”, was interviewed by the AEGEEan in order to get more information about himself and his candidature. The AEGEEan: Being a NetCommie… Read more →

Bartosz Sudorowski for Comité Directeur: “We have to spend time with the people from the Network”

Bartosz Sudorowski, or Bartek, has been a member of AEGEE-Zielona Góra since february 2010 and is very active on a local level ever since. At Autumn Agora Budapest he was elected Network Commissioner and now he aims to be the new Network Director of AEGEE-Europe. Let’s discover more about him. The AEGEEan: Can you tell a little bit more about… Read more →

Smiling, Multitasking and Energetic – Lia Touska runs for NetCom

Lia’s name and face can be quite well-known for many of us. Despite having joined AEGEE just a couple of years ago, she has been motivated from the start to be very active both on local and European level. Especially after being Arsenis Tselengidis’ subcommissioner, she feels prepared now to run for Network Commissioner herself. She is a member of… Read more →

Gloria is Striving to Make the Juridical Commission Less “Unknown”

Gloria Llopart is another law student who wants to join the Juridical Commission. She studied in Madrid for her bachelor and has since then been living in Heidelberg (Germany), where she continued working and is currently taking a Masters degree of Law. Besides that, she has been the subcommissioner of Juridical Commissioner Diana Tupchiienko and now is eager to be… Read more →

The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards 2014 – Will the third time be charm for your antenna?

The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards is returning for the third time in connection with Agora Patra and lucky number three is the overall theme for the exciting times that all will end in a magnificent award ceremony at the big statutory event taking place in Greece later this year. Honouring 10 antennae for being outstanding in different matters. The team behind… Read more →

Local of the Month: AEGEE-Patra about their candidature for hosting Spring Agora 2014

This month we award AEGEE-Patra as Local of the Month. This antenna was founded on as they call it one cold night in December ’97; they are no strangers to the AEGEE world and they have had many members active at the European level. Perhaps you have heard of George Dimitrakopoulos, one of the masterminds behind the Information Technology Committee… Read more →