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AEGEE turns greener: how EPM Izmir tackled sustainability

It’s been more than one month since AEGEE-Izmir was in the spotlight of the AEGEE network:  on 6th – 10th of February, the antenna hosted the annual European Planning Meeting (EPM), where new objectives for the organization were set out and relevant topics – “green sustainability” and “EU-Turkey relations” – were heatedly discussed. The AEGEEan talked to the main organizer… Read more →

Be the change 2.0

Do you remember the article ‘Be the change’, which was published in The AEGEEan a few weeks ago? Did you have the chance to attend the workshop ‘Impact your university’ during the Agora in Patra? In case you didn’t, we got you covered with this article! ‘Impact your university’ was a workshop conducted by rootAbility, a social business that drives… Read more →

Are you a good lobbyist?

“Are you a good lobbyist”? This was the central question to a simulation played at the Summer University of AEGEE-Delft, “Create your own world”. More than 20 participants and some of the organisers took part in this interactive workshop on European Union sustainability policy, getting a hands-on grip on the mechanisms of lobbying at the European level. In order to… Read more →

When talking about sustainability in AEGEE

What do AEGEE members understand when talking about sustainability? Where did they learn about this? And how would they like AEGEE to be involved with this topic? Finding out the answers to these questions was the aim of the survey on sustainability which was completed by almost 120 people from over 60 locals all around the network. Both multiple choice… Read more →

NetCom Times: Getting serious about sustainability

Sustainable development… Green growth… Sustainability… The air is packed with sustainable buzzwords and it is hard to open a newspaper these days without finding an article on some sustainability topic. Regardless of the many empty uses ofthe word, it cannot be denied that sustainability is thé challenge of our generation, as was confirmed by over 40% of respondents in the… Read more →