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“The sky’s the limit”: AEGEE-Kraków on organising several successful events

The AEGEEan has been interviewing several locals throughout the year for theirs outstanding achievements. Some of them have organised big events, like Statutory Events or European schools. Others have been rather small locals in the Network who have made big accomplishments. However, there are other locals which have been regularly organising both local and European events throughout the year and… Read more →

Laia Garcia Montufo, AEGEE-Tarragona, on her involvement in several youth platforms

The last Member of the Month of July left many exceptional nominations and AEGEE members that stood out – one of them, Laia Garcia Montufo, is currently President of AEGEE-Tarragona, member of the Pool of Representatives and Liaison Officer towards the United Nations. Laia has been nominated due to her involvement in several youth platforms. Moreover, she is now fully… Read more →

Introducing the Liaison Officers of AEGEE-Europe

You might have heard of them quite often in our Network. The Liaison Officers are the contact people of AEGEE-Europe towards different institutions and organizations. However, you might be wondering: who are they and which are the organizations they are dealing with? The Liaison Officers are introducing themselves and their work in the following article. The Liaison Officers towards the United… Read more →

Member of the Month Alin-Florin Calin combines all his interests on the European level of AEGEE

The Member of the Month of November is Alin-Florin Calin.  He is an AEGEE member that was born in Western Romania and grew up in Eastern Austria, currently studying international law and history in Vienna. He got involved with AEGEE through local board activities in Vienna, the first experience that awoke his passion for AEGEE, followed by his first Agora… Read more →

Who rules the Internet?

With this article I would like to bring to you closer one topic which affects us every day; it is the magical Internet. Did you ever ask yourself the question what is behind the phenomenon that makes you be able to connect with all your friends across the world? Now I don’t refer to a technical point of view, which… Read more →

European youth spreads global needs

A few days ago the ICPD Global Youth Forum took place in Bali, Indonesia, where 1000 young activists from all over the world gathered to propose concrete recommendations to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon related to youth needs worldwide. Luis Alvarado Martinez, President of AEGEE-Europe,  participated on behalf of AEGEE-Europe, and he answered a few questions to tell us what happened… Read more →

Above us, the same sky

After the historical result of the vote during the last General Assembly of the United Nations held on the 28th November 2012, a possible new chapter opened in the history of the Middle East. With an overwhelming majority, the United Nations welcomed the Palestinian Authority as “Non-member observer State”, upgrading it from the previous status of “entity”, and in this way implicitly recognising Palestine… Read more →

UNinvolved in PEACE: Living Reality

“If blue helmeted UN peacekeepers show up in your town or village and offer to protect you, RUN.” Andrew Thomson, Emergency Sex Few days ago in the evening I was doing my usual stuff on the internet: surfing, surfing and again surfing internet news channels and Facebook/Twitter, when suddenly I noticed this controversial photo which at least for me was both… Read more →