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Agora Through History: What Happened at Previous Agorae

Incredible things always happen during an Agora. The AEGEEan checked old material and asked some old members for interesting stories about this issue, a funny way to approach the upcoming Spring Agora Bergamo and read some legends of the past.  The Agora can be something legendary for those who have never been there, since they probably heard many stories before departure. For… Read more →

Next Challenge for AEGEE-Zaragoza: Autumn NWM 2014

Less than one year after the closing ceremony of Autumn Agora-Zaragoza took place in Palacio de Congresos in the capital of Aragón, another important AEGEE event is approaching in Zaragoza. Combining the expertise of “oldies” together with the motivation of the “newbies” AEGEE-Zaragoza is taking up the challenge of hosting the Autumn Network Meeting (NWM) Zaragoza 2014. As announced recently,… Read more →

Zaragora proposals and their effects

What about the proposals’ process? Do you know the final result, but not what happened in between? Is what was obtained exactly what the proposers wanted to? If you wondered about at least one of these things, then keep reading the interview. 1. Change of the Visitors’ selection procedure What actually changes with your proposal in the visitors’ selection process?… Read more →

AEGEE and the Subtleties of Peacebuilding

“Against. – Against. – Against. – …” At the Agora Zaragoza, the Focus Area named “Peacebuilding” received a clear negative vote. Does that mean that AEGEE is not interested in this topic, or do we believe we don’t have the capacity to work on it? Or is there a different explanation? – A short inquiry into one of our favourite misconceptions.… Read more →

CD Telegram October 2013

October was a month of preparations… for the ZarAgora. So expect to read many stories of endless meetings, preparing powerpoints, discussing Progress Meetings. But not only, since we also participated in several events around the network and did other interesting things. Join us on the trip about what we did while preparing for ZarAgora. LUIS ALVARADO MARTÍNEZ – President October… Read more →

Recently updated antenna, AEGEE-Valladolid, has a lot of experience already

At Autumn Agora Zaragoza one of the Contact antennae that was upgraded was former Local of the Month AEGEE-Valladolid. An antenna that in its short lifespan in AEGEE has been organizing many things, such as Renove 2.0, Travel Summer University (TSU) together with AEGEE-Madrid and the Y Vote 2014 kick off conference a few months ago. AEGEE-Valladolid have recently been… Read more →

NetCom Telegram November 2013

In Agora Zaragoza we saw changes to the Network Commission. Emotional goodbyes had to be said to Claudio Armandi, Bartek Sudorowski, Pilar Lop, Inez Wenta, and Andra Toma. At the same time the ZarAgora gave a warm welcome to Arsenis Tselengidis, Pauline Létard, Holger Schmidt, Mateusz Dokurno and Mattia Abis. In this NetCom telegram you will get to hear about… Read more →

Evi Topali’s ZarAgora experience: feeling the Spanish charm

Two weeks before the official opening of the Autumn Agora 2013 I had already started counting the days and looking forward to the moment of flying to Spain; waiting for the moment to see Barcelona again; waiting for something unique without knowing at the same time what to expect. Approximately one week after the official closing ceremony of Zaragoza, I… Read more →