AEGEE goes bio: Olga Rivero, the new AEGEE fair manager

Some people say that it is not possible to really get to know the spirit of someone through the social networks. However, it can be easy to be nice, kind and close on the other side of the screen, even if there is some distance. The AEGEEan had the chance to talk to Olga Rivero, a cheerful Biotechnology student from AEGEE Oviedo,  who has been elected as the new AEGEE Agora fair manager. Will she manage to modify our souls genetically and use her smile to make us even more human?

This is your minute of glory, go ahead Olga!

Hello, I’m 21 years old and I study Biotechnology. I’m doing the last months of my degree, since I’m planning on finishing University in June. I’ve been an AEGEE member since September 2010 and active from the very first minute on. AEGEE came into my life when I was going through a tough moment, and it was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I was totally stunned by its freshness and spirit and, from that moment on, I knew it was going to become such an important thing to me.

Imagine we don’t belong to AEGEE. We have never heard of it. How would you explain to us what being an Agora fair manager means?

I would say that I am the main organiser of a “project’s market”, or an “idea’s market” from the biggest interdisciplinary youth organisation in Europe, and that my task is to provide everything they need for the people of the European bodies presenting their work to the rest of the members who are interested in it.

How are you planning to fascinate people attending the fair? Or is it a secret?

We are still starting to plan what the venue will be like where the Fair will take place, but my team (Anna Gots from Comité Directeur and Monica Olesinska from the Chair team) and I will do our best to make it look really attractive so that no one would hesitate to participate in it!

Three adjectives that should describe your performance in the Agora…

I think this is something that all the people who go to the Fair should answer after the Agora…

Anything personal, passions, obessions, your own way of understanding the World…that you would like to extend to your new role?

I guess my way of understanding the World is almost the same as that of any other young person now. It’s not the best time for being a student or starting looking for a job but thanks to stuff like AEGEE, taking the chance of exploring new and different opportunities doesn’t seem so risky and frightening. And that’s something that I want to transmit to all the AEGEE people: there’s nothing to fear of about becoming a member of a Working Group or a Committee if you like their future projects and what they’re doing when they explain it during the Fair!

Have you read about how former AEGEE fairs were done in the previous years? Anything you would like to keep on doing? Something you will not repeat?

I’m planning on leading the way of my predecessors for organising everything, but I’m also trying to add some personal details that I believe were missed at the Fair so far. I really don’t want to change anything specific, I just want to make the Fair grow a little.

We want to wish Olga good luck and give her thanks for having shared with us some of her time. Keep on shining!

Photos courtesy of the interviewed.

Written by Ana Valiente, AEGEE Tenerife