NetCom Telegram August 2013

Usually everything slows down in AEGEE during summer time. However, in this NetCom Telegram you can read about the things that some of the Network Commissioners did during June and July to keep working for the Network and preparing for the autumn.

Anna Móricz

After getting to know my tasks as a Netcommie better, I got in a closer touch with my antennas. The Hungarian-speaking locals are mainly suffering from bad communication and cooperation between the antennae. Fortunately, throughout the summer the situation turned out to be better.

During June the locals were busy organizing their Summer Universities. AEGEE-Pécs found its way out of the FR problems by working really hard, and their good work could be an example of best practice for small locals. Unfortunately, participation and involvement in the European level has not been raised significantly. However, during July the interest increased, and some participants got motivated to become active on the European level, and they will be starting their “career” in Human Resources European School (HRES) or in Valladolid.

The cooperation between locals continued; Piliscsaba actively helped both Debrecen and Budapest, which could be again a good example for smaller locals how to be active on those European level events which they cannot afford to attend.

Overall I can say that my locals have done their best during these last two months and hopefully good memories will further and develop their work even more.

Claudio Armandi

June was quite a relaxing month, but since a real Netcommie never sleeps, I dedicated myself to planning activities, lying on my cozy sofa with a Berliner Kindl on my side. As a result, we have a new Italian local, Verona!  Many AEGEEans will be able to visit the city of lovers again. And yes, they will have the chance to appear at Juliet’s balcony and touch her lucky breast again. Just for seeking luck, obviously. If you are more into opera or gladiator fights, you can opt for the Arena.

The decision might have been influenced by my sofa companion, but in July I selected the hosting local for my next (and last) Network Meeting. I am really looking forward to meet you (yes, you reading right now) in Foggia from October 10th to 13th! I think organising a NWM will be quite a challenge for a new local. We will see how they sort it out. I am sure they will rock!

As a side note, time is approaching for me to think about the end of my term. If you are wondering what it takes to be a NetCommie, what do we do and what kind of underwear we wear (when we wear some), don’t be shy and approach me!


Dominique Lenssen

At this moment, I am in the middle of my holidays, probably like most of you.

Unfortunately no Summer University for me, but still enough AEGEE and trips to enjoy myself!

In June I attended the youth conference in Zagreb about the enlargement of the European Union. Attending this conference also gave me the opportunity to meet with some of the Netcommies, and we could talk about our work and plans in real life. Normally we have our meetings on Skype, but I could totally get used to meetings in person in great places like Zagreb.


In June I also attended the Nedertop, hosted by AEGEE-Groningen. This is a meeting for board members of the locals in my area, during which we talk about several topics. It is tradition that new board members come to the Nedertop in June as well, so this was a perfect moment to meet these enthusiastic people, who cannot wait to be in charge of their local.

Besides these trips, I started working on a manual for twin antennae and mentorship system. At this moment we only have a twin agreement between AEGEE-Delft and AEGEE-Passau, but NetCom is dedicated to have some more agreements signed at Agora Zaragoza. So if your local is looking for a twin antenna, you can always contact one of us!

Inez Wenta

For many of us summer is the time of less intensive actions and more relaxing, but we do not stop working! Together with other Netcommies we developed a new format of Network Meeting (NWM), that you will be informed about soon! The first of these new NWMs will be in Poznań. Together with Netcommie Bartek and the main coordinator, Justyna Zielska from AEGEE-Poznań, we are working to make it as amazing as possible.

Manuals are a very important part of our work as NetCommies. I am responsible for the Local Training Course (LTC)/Regional Training Course (RTC) manual. It will be a guide for organising such projects, how to manage logistics, the content and ready-to-use cases. So everything you need to know in one single document. We hope that it will be of help during the knowledge transfer period. The next step will be translating it to different languages. If you think you can help with this do not hesitate to write to us! I hope you all have a great summer, travelling, relaxing and going to Summer Universities! And gathering new energy for the upcoming academic year!

Patricia Anthony

Whoever says that everything slows down in AEGEE during the summer is lying. It might not be at the same high speed as during the semester when people are pretending to be studying, but in Network Commission there have definitely been things to do during the last months.


Last time you heard from me in the NetCom Telegram I was visiting Dominque, and in the June edition you all could read that half of the team got to know each other even more in Zagreb. In July my travels brought me to Anna in Barcelona and the value of getting together to talk about NetCom issues in person cannot be described with words. Besides that I have been working on finding the host of the Network Meeting in our part of the Network for this autumn, developing the idea of NetCom Telegram as well as communication between the locals. 2000 km separates two of “my” locals Kiel and Sankt-Peterburg so it is highly important to use online tools as much as possible to help locals and to bring them closer together. Facebook, mailing lists, events newsletters and blog posts might seem like a piece of cake, but uniting so many antennae does take quite a bit of time. Luckily we have a great team not only in the Network Commission, but also with my Subcommies and the help of Comité Directeur we are developing month by month.