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Alin Georgescu for Network Commission: “I can bring something new in AEGEE, because I constantly learn, reflect and share”

Few days are missing to Autumn Agora Catania, and one of the most important decisions we will make, is to choose the best people for the Network Commission. Alin Georgescu has already worked as a NetCommie for one year and would like to dare again and commit himself to the Network. 

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The AEGEEan: W...

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German Polar Bears in Aachen: “Connecting Old and New Members Makes Working Together Easier for Everybody”

Polar bears can not only be found in the Artic Ocean: in Aachen you can find many as well!
Board members of AEGEE-Aachen, Tim Mollenhauer and Katharina Hartz, tell us about the story behind their famous mascot, their ways of keeping members active, and much more!

Polar Bear

The AEGEEan:  Could you tell us...

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RTC Season : Let’s Talk about it with AEGEE Lviv, AEGEE Touluse, AEGEE Firenze and AEGEE Pisa

It is already that magical season of the year! No, we are not talking about Spring and the rebirth of nature. Of course we are talking about the RTC season. RTCs (Regional Training Courses) are meetings among members and their aim (according to what is written on the AEGEE Europe member’s portal) is...

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Enter in tWinder and Find You Soul Mate Local

The Network Commission, the commission in charge of caring about the antennae in our Network, is always trying to find new ways for locals to cooperate and grow stronger together. Locals can find their twin antenna and organise exchanges and activities together...

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German-Ukrainian Youth Exchange “If I Were in Your Shoes”

Every month, many antennae around the Network organise activities that are related to our Action Agenda and Strategic Plan. Some of these locals become ACTive Locals of the Month, but often there is more than one outstanding activity taking place...

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NWM Aachen – “It Takes Two Bears to Tango”

From the 24th till the 27th of November, AEGEE-Aachen is hosting a Network Meeting (NWM). They will have a panel discussion within the context of Brexit, an education in cooperation talk, two days in the Eifel Mountains and a Christmas Party in November...

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NWM Cagliari, Back to That Piece of the Continent

You can call her the NetCom of the Two Isles...

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Christmas Around the Network

Have you ever noticed similarities between your country’s and other countries’ traditions for Christmas? There are many symbols attached to this holiday in Europe, and each country has kept its own identity and traditions, while enriching them with influences form various other sources...

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AEGEE Welcomes the New Contact in Canterbury

Canterbury is ready to make its entrance in the AEGEE’s Network. Here the story of the new Contact since the first steps, told by Emily Zerling, one of the founders.

The AEGEEan: Please, introduce yourself.

Emily: My name is Emily Zerling. I’m 20 years old. I’m from Paris in France...

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Proposals for Dummies 2: Improving the Network

The second roud of Proposals for Dummies deals with three proposals regarding the Network, aiming to make it more efficient and organised. If accepted, these proposals will be affecting not only the Network Commission, but also the AEGEE antennae...

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