Meet Ioana Duca: Interim Financial Director of the new Comité Directeur

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During Spring Agora-Patra 2014, unfortunately there was no candidate for Financial Director for the Comité Directeur 2014-2015. Soon after Agora-Patra, an open call was issued to find an Interim Financial Director of AEGEE-Europe until Agora-Cagliari. According to the open call,  it is expected that this person will officially run for this position in front of the Agora to be fully elected by the network. Ioana Duca, member of AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca since April 2010, has been selected for this position and she will act as CD assistant, with no voting rights in the CD, as she was not voted by the Agora. 

How have you been involved in AEGEE until now, both  on local and European level?

I joined AEGEE in April 2010 and since then I was involved a lot on local level as I’m in AEGEE Cluj-Napoca’s board since April 2011 ( Secretary 2011-2012, President 2012-2013, SU Coordinator 2013-2014 and now as Board Adviser). I have organized a lot of events in my local: 6 SU’s, local trainings, network meetings, European Days of Languages, Culture Action Days, recruitment and SU presentations. I was mentor of AEGEE-Ploieşti for 1 year and trainer in some LTC’s for AEGEE-Iaşi and some other small things.

On European level, I was not involved that much, but enough to get some experience as I was CD Assistant for 2 months in 2012 working with archives and Financial Intern since 17th of March this year.

What pushed you to apply for the open call issued by the CD?

The fact that I liked to work with finances and budgets. I was thinking “I’m already working as financial intern and I know almost everything related with the task, why not?”

Why didn’t you run for the position before, at Agora-Patra since you were present?

I didn’t run at Agora-Patra because of some of my principles. At that moment I already had another commitment, an internship in Brussels due to start at the beginning of June. For me it is very important to respect my commitments, even if I wanted to candidate I had to solve somehow this situation with my internship first.

Everything  got solved just on time, one week before I was supposed to start my internship it was called off. “Everything happens for a reason” I was thinking. I considered it a sign and I applied for Interim Financial Director.

You are already living in Brusells in the CD house as financial assistant of Anna Gots, yet next year you will be working with a whole new CD. How will it be different for you?

I don’t see big differences, but of course it will be different. Mostly because of the amount of responsibilities and the fact that I will work in a new team. Lucky me, I already had some experience in working with two CD’s already. This will be the 3rd CD I will work with and, most of all, it will be my CD  as I will not be only an assistant.

You will be Interim Financial Director until Agora-Cagliari. Are you planning to stay after the Agora?

I will be Interim Financial Director untilAgora-Cagliari, but my plan is to continue, so I will run at Agora-Cagliari because I want to be with my new team until the end of the CD’s term. I’m looking forward to work with them.

Written by Cosmina Bisboaca, AEGEE-Torino 

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