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Teresa Carene Kiambu for Financial Director: “Little by little my desire to become Financial Director increases”

Being the Financial Director for AEGEE-Europe is not something that everybody wants, unfortunately. But the ones that do want are extremely motivated. We have Teresa Carene Kiambu from AEGEE-Udine as a candidate for this position, and below you can find her motivation for becoming the next Financial Director of AEGEE. The AEGEEan: Teresa, can you describe yourself in five words? Teresa: For… Read more →

Meet the New Comité Directeur 2015-2016

The closing of Agora Asturias 2015 brought the newly elected Comite Directeur with it, composed of seven people who will begin their mandate on the 1st of July: President Aleksandra Kluczka (AEGEE-Kraków), Secretary General Svenja van der Tol (AEGEE-Nijmegen), Financial Director Ander Guerrero Ruiz (AEGEE-Zaragoza),  and as Member of Comité Directeur: Anna Gumbau (AEGEE-Barcelona), Pablo Hernández Rodríguez (AEGEE-Thessaloniki/Alicante) and Réka… Read more →

Teo Šarić for Financial Director: “I Think That AEGEE Has Much More Potential Than We Usually Think”

At the upcoming Agora, Teo Šarić, President of the new contact of AEGEE in Split, Croatia, and member of AEGEE-Zadar, is running for the position of Financial Director (FD) of the European Board. The AEGEEan spoke with Teo about his candidature, his different fields of interest within AEGEE and his motivation to become part of the new Comité Directeur (CD)! The AEGEEan: Teo, even though you have already been… Read more →

Ander Guerrero Ruiz for Financial Director: “It is the Perfect Timing, I Feel Prepared and Motivated”

Since a few weeks ago, Ander Guerrero Ruiz, AEGEE-Zaragoza, is living in the house of the Comité Directeur (CD) in Brussels as an assistant. Apparently, he likes it so much that he now will run for the position of Financial Director (FD) for the next term. The AEGEEan talked to Ander about his candidature, his qualifications and his future plans.… Read more →

Ioana Duca: “If I’ll ever candidate for CD, it will be for Financial Director”

The Comité Directeur still has one available place: Financial Director. Ioana Duca applied for this possition, currently being the interim Financial Director. She is a proud member of AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca and always willing to discover more of the AEGEE mystery. Read the answers she gave to The AEGEEan to find out more about her! The AEGEEan: Ioana, you started in AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca… Read more →

Meet Ioana Duca: Interim Financial Director of the new Comité Directeur

During Spring Agora-Patra 2014, unfortunately there was no candidate for Financial Director for the Comité Directeur 2014-2015. Soon after Agora-Patra, an open call was issued to find an Interim Financial Director of AEGEE-Europe until Agora-Cagliari. According to the open call,  it is expected that this person will officially run for this position in front of the Agora to be fully… Read more →

It’s not all about the Money!

What does a Financial Director do in AEGEE? Checking reimbursements, making money transfers, bookkeeping…But actually Elena Antova does a lot more and shows her ongoing interest in AEGEE events and other fields. She shared with us her memories of her term in the CD house, her hobbies, plans and more. Enjoy reading to get to know more about our lovely… Read more →