Workshops During Autumn Agora Kyïv I: ACT and Democracy in Practice

Autumn Agora Kyïv is closer than we think, and during these days organisers, members of AEGEE Bodies and the Chair Team are taking care of all the last details, from facilities to content, in order to make the event a very good one. Workshops are an important part of the Agora, and they are being prepared by several commissions and projects.

During the second day of the Agora, there will be three workshop sessions. The third session will take place between 18:00 and 20:00. “Erasmus+ – Give your application a PLUS!”, “Let’s get ACTive” and “AEGEE in the external world” are the topics covered.

12116567_1077647165592875_1557830566_o (1)Let’s get ACTive is going to be organised by the Action Agenda Coordinator Committee (ACT), and it is going to encourage “members to get more active and create activities that comply to aims and objectives stated in the Action Agenda”, as Miljana Vulevic, the Vice-Speaker of the Committee, said. The workshop will be organised in a way that will also involved the participants, so they can learn more using “both their imagination and logic to solve the tasks we’ve prepared for them. It will be educational and very, very fun”. A second aim is to help members understand that the Action Agenda is not as difficult as it might seem, and that it is a document that “is beneficial in more ways than one.” Members need to know that the Action Agenda and the ACT can help them get new ideas and develop great and creative projects for all the members.

Erasmus+ – Give your application a PLUS! is a workshop that is going to be held by Anna Gumbau, member of Comité Directeur. With this workshop, the participants will learn how the locals can benefit from the program and how much it actually helps in the organisation of an event.

The third workshop that is going to take place, AEGEE in the external world, held by Pablo Hernández Rodríguez and Aleksandra Kluczka, both members of the Comité Directeur, is going to encourage all AEGEE members to participate in the external activities of the organisation. They would also like to see what kind of impact would members like AEGEE to have in society and empower them to take action.

During the fourth day of the Agora, the fourth session of workshop will take place, between 12:00 and 13:30. One of them is called Play your role in democracy, held by Noemi Lowy, Elena Panagopoulou and Lia Tuska from Democracy in Practice. With the topic of the workshop, they want “to raise awareness of what are the democratic values in a state and in society”. play_your_role_in_democracyMembers have to realise that their saying can have a major impact in society. The workshop itself goes hand in hand with the theme at the Agora, “Rebuiding Democracy”, and even if “it is a very broad concept and according to many, it’s vaguely idealistic”, human rights can be very powerful and you can learn a lot by talking about them.

Through this workshop, participants will be able to understand “how different players (government, media, NGO’s and citizens) influence and shape human rights” and they will be encourage “to think and express their opinion on the current social/ political/ economic issues and challenges”. In a very interactive way, participants will have to create “a statement as the role they would have to react to the human rights project”, everything continuing with discussions according to the statements. All the participants of this workshop will leave the room with more knowledge about human rights and everything that is interconnected with it.

All the workshops that will be held during this Agora will have an impact on members somehow, and it will definitely make them take some action at a smaller or a bigger scale.

Written by Raluca Radu, AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca