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SUmmer Story: From SUnrise till midnight

AEGEE-Patra proposed a magnificent TSU showing the best of Peloponnese on the initiative of Flo Fotini Karagrigori, Stavroula Kostakopolou, Secretary of this Greek Antenna, Vasiliki Petrakou, President, and the extraordinary help of an amazing team. Journalist Matteo Lai reports on this international event that was in collaboration with the Democracy in Practice project.   The Summer University of AEGEE-Patra began on the eleventh of… Read more →

Workshops and Progress Meeting II: Be Water, My Friend! I Was Killed by PowerPoint and Peace It Up!

Whether you are a delegate, a visitor or an envoy, you are definitely going to love the workshops planned for the upcoming Spring Agora Bergamo! They are new, they are fresh and interactive, aimed for new members coming as visitors, some of them being for the first time at an Agora, eager to learn valuable things, AEGEE related or not,… Read more →

Make Room for Peace: our Weapons are the Words, Actions, Mind and Love

The Democracy in Practice (DiP) Team composed of Andrea, Danae, Elena, Eleonora, Evrim, Johanna, Lia, May, Noemi, Sora, and Zeynep, is part of an AEGEE-Europe Project that has one of AEGEE’s experienced Project Managers, and candidate for the Comité Directeur at the Spring Agora Bergamo, Lia Tuska from AEGEE-Kastoria. In this article, the founder of the aforementioned Greek antenna tells… Read more →

After Their Meeting in Bruxelles: Democracy in Practice

Right after EPM Leiden, members of Democracy in Practice gathered in Brussels to finalise content restructuring, designed to bring the project closer to locals and to expand communication channels. The team now hails from eight different countries. Team members were attracted to the project for several reasons: after observing the low turnout at European Parliament elections and low youth civic participation in… Read more →

AEGEE-Skopje: the Macedonian Antenna Specialist in Organising TSUs

AEGEE-Skopje, the only antenna in Macedonia and with 70 members, has become well known for its Travel Summer Universities (TSU). We spoke with Maria Davceva, External Relations Responsible, who told us about the results of the last Winter Event, which the Macedonian antenna organised for the International Volunteer Day. She also explains their involvement in “Democracy in Practice”  and focuses on previous… Read more →

Human Rights Day activities around the Network

In 2015, Human Rights Day has been celebrated with various activities and discussions all around the AEGEE network. This year, ten antennae, namely AEGEE-Aachen, AEGEE-Ankara, AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca, AEGEE-Madrid, AEGEE-Odessa, AEGEE-Patra, AEGEE-Ploieşti, AEGEE-Sankt-Peterburg, AEGEE-Skopje and AEGEE-Tenerife, organised forums, lectures and other kind of events in an attempt to promote and raise awareness about human rights. Celebrated on and around December 10th, the Humans… Read more →

Democra(z)y in Practice

It was the Summer of 2013 when the idea of Democracy in Practice (DiP) was born among the members of the Human Rights Working Group. One year later, June 2014, the core team gathered in Brussels and finalised the outline of the Democracy in Practice Project. In the following months, the team got bigger and they decided to have a… Read more →

AEGEE-Groningen’s European Event on Democracy: How Should our Society be?

Do you think democracy in Europe is important? Do you want to know everything there is to know about democratic decision-making, while having a fun time with other AEGEEans? Good news, because from the 25th of February until the 1st of March, AEGEE-Groningen is giving you the chance to learn all about democracy and at the same time discover the… Read more →