Touring SUs with Interrail, Pt. 2

Travelling is indeed the best way to get to know the world. Sounds like a simple truth which millions of people have said before myself. “It is not about the destination – it is about the journey” – they said. Read all about my adventure in this article, sponsored by Interrail.


photo10I have always shared this statement, that it is all about the journey, though this year it came back to me every time I was amazed by the spectacular Balkan nature or shook the hand of a new friendly person I met in the aisle.


Travelling is indeed the best way to be convinced that the world is full of great open-minded and kind people, and that you are one of them. I could easily recognise them by the Interrail 2016 ribbon on their wrists. For instance, when I tried to understand what was wrong with the train timetable, standing completely alone at Niš train station, I spotted an English woman also heading to Greece with her Interrail adventure. Or when I suddenly helped some Danish girls to create their next route. Or when a group of Spanish students shared their internet with me, seeing me totally lost in Athens, while they were heading to Thessaloniki, the place where I had just come from.


Travelling is indeed the best way to get to know yourself. To become a real global citizen and to check the whole of Europe, refusing the opinion that Ukrainians often face obstacles with this. To understand your desires and life goals, to feel comfortable even somewhere not comfortable by definition. To get to know you limits. Or to get used to the fact that you do not have limits at all.


photo2Travelling is indeed the best way to plunge into a different reality. Or to accept that travelling is the reality and prepares more and more pleasant surprises for you.

Travelling is basically the best way of life.

This time I am happy to make dozens of new outstanding friends, captured more unforgettable memories and thrilling adventures. Thank you to AEGEE and Interrail for making everything possible.


This is a three part article; for part one, click here, and, for part three, click here.


Written by Yevgeniya Gagarkina, Summer University Coordination Team