CD on Track: Right before EPM Zagreb in Ljubljana

Réka, Tekla and Zvonimir: Day 7 and 8 – Ljubljana (21st – 22nd February)

Ljubljana 1Having our last stop in Italy in Udine, we continued our journey to Ljubljana, where we got via two night trains and a long waiting period in Villach, so the morning for us started with getting to our host’s place and catching up with some sleep.

After having a traditional Slovenian lunch, we went to the new student centre in the city where we prepared three sessions for AEGEE-Ljubljana: HR, Fundraising and Financial Management. During the sessions, we discussed why their members joined AEGEE and how to build on this, some smaller tips to keep the members active by organising regular activities, how to build on the support from the university or municipality and the fact that last year they were Green capital of the EU. For AEGEE-Ljubljana members, the main reason to join AEGEE is travelling and self-development: we discussed how to take advantage of this factor as the city already offers a wide range of training activities, but there are still some niches where AEGEE could offer something unique. Ljubljana 3They also got some tips from Zvonimir about how to better control finances, a detailed explanation on Membership fees, and Réka gave a summary about Erasmus+ and how to use these opportunities for the local activities. In the evening we just stayed at our host’s place and tried out some games and we prepared for EPM due to the event coming up within a few days.

The next day Zvonimir and I took the train to Zagreb to be more  involved in the preparations of the EPM, while Réka departed for Maribor, her last stop before EPM. CD on Track will resume after EPM – stay tuned for more articles in March!

Written by Tekla Hajdu, Network Director