Iuliia AgaKulieva for the Mediation Commission: “It Is Better to Prevent a Problem than to Solve its Consequences”

Iuliia AgaKulieva found out about AEGEE two years ago. She was president of AEGEE-Tyumen, where she worked hard to upgrade the contact to a contact antenna and she succeed. Her next challenge is running for member of the Mediation Commission. The AEGEEan talked with her to learn more about her and her plans.


The AEGEEan: Can you tell us more about yourself?

беллонаIuliia: I am Iuliia, I’m from Siberia, Russia. I have a masters’ degree of law and now I am a PhD student. The topic of my thesis is “An administrative responsibility of judicial persons for offences in the area of oil and gas.”
In the past I worked in a court as an assistant to the judge. One year and a half ago, my friend offered me a good job in Saint-Petersburg. I decided that it was my chance to be part of the best work team in my life. Now I’m a Court receiver. We are focused on human rights protection, bankruptcy, economical disputes. Although I have such a serious job I’m curious and have many different hobbies such as cheerleading, snowboarding, surfing and working with children. I knew about AEGEE in April 2015, I took part in my first Summer University in Czech Republic and fell in love with the big AGEEE-family. I was the President of our small Contact of AEGEE-Europe in Tyumen one year later. I’ve done everything to upgrade our Contact to Contact-Antenna on Agora Enschede and it is not the limit for us! AEGEE, new people and travelling inspire me to be myself!

What motivated you to apply for member of the Mediation Commission?F7Fo7E5JQZo

I want to be a member of the Mediation Commission because my life is connected with law, justice and tolerance. People don’t only have rights, also they have responsibilities. AEGEE is a really big organisation, geography of new locals is expanding from year to year. The distance between the most western local (Las Palmas) and the most eastern local (Tyumen) is more than 8.000 km. We have more than 13.000 members throughout AEGEE and all of them have their own identity. Actually, I’m from Asia (Tyumen), I would like to share my view in solving cases and bring some fresh ideas. I want to help members to follow the rules and follow the order.

What do you think it’s the main job of the MedCom?
Mediation Commission is an independent body who makes decisions in different issues from time to time. In my opinion, the main aim of MedCom is a discussion with locals, bodies and other commissions and making lists of advice or prevention letters before they will get an official request with a case. It is better to prevent a problem than to solve its consequences.

If you have to explain to a 10 years old child what the MedCom is doing, what would you say?FB_IMG_1481089247577

AEGEE is like a big big big Kingdom with lots of small cities. Sometimes their citizens have fights between each other. The Mediation Commission is like a Department of fairies. They come and solve all problems and conflicts between citizens.

According to you, what do you think is the most important quality to be in the MedCom and why do you have it?

Justice is one of fundamental principles which I am guided by in life. Circumstances can be different, but taking also objective causes into consideration we can find the real reason of the dispute. An independent approach to the situation will allow to make a true decision.

You can read her full candidature here.


Written by Lia Touska, AEGEE-Brussel/AEGEE-Sofia