Gabriela Geana

AEGEE-Leuven’s Days Without Meat at Its Second Edition. Are You Up For the Challenge?

Can you imagine your life without meat? Have you tried becoming a vegetarian for a few days or even more, a week? Didn’t you feel much lighter, healthier and stronger at the same time? If you haven’t tried it yet, AEGEE-Leuven gives you the best opportunity to challenge yourself. Being at its second edition, “Days without Meat” is trying to… Read more →

AEGEE-Santander Organises Again a NWM and it’s Above and Below Water

Don’t miss the chance to join AEGEE-Santander’s Network Meeting happening this spring. They are organising it for the second time and it is taking place between the 7th and the 10th of April, in their beautiful city in Spain. We talked with the president of the local, Marta Vila Cortavitarte, to give us a little information about what they are preparing for this… Read more →

Member of the Month of November Andrei Dodița: “I Love Challenges That Seem Hard to Achieve”

Andrei Dodița is currently the president of AEGEE-Chișinău for the second time in a row, being a member of AEGEE for two years. He has contributed significantly in his local by organising the Local Training Course “Be Efficient” where AEGEE-Chișinău won a grant supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. He also organised a pre-event for Autumn Agora Kyiv… Read more →

Your Vision for EUrope Project Launches Faces of Europe Photoblog

Your Vision for EUrope project is a new AEGEE project initiated as a campaign for Spreading Europtimism. Its purpose is to engage young Europeans from a wide variety of national, social and cultural backgrounds in an open discursive process of collective learning, opinion and will-formation regarding the future of Europe and make sure that their voices are being heard. The… Read more →

Local of the Month of November: AEGEE-Tartu “We are Motivated And Eager to Be Known All Over Europe.”

Founded in 1994, AEGEE-Tartu is a very active antenna which organised the Network Meeting entitled “The City of Good Thoughts” in November this year; moreover, it was ranked as the 3rd and 10th best Summer University in the recent years. AEGEE-Tartu also organised a Network Meeting in 2013, and it will be the host of the European School I in… Read more →

Luca Bergamini for Network Commissioner: “With My Work, I Think I Can Be Closer to the Locals in Need”

He attended many European events and is currently a trainer, being also a member of the Human Resources Committee (HRC), as part of the Learning and Training Task Force. Luca was also Vice-President of AEGEE-Pisa between 2013-2014 and now wants to take it to the next level and is running for Network Commissioner. We asked him a few questions about… Read more →