Liliya Buyukliyska

Hey, I am Lilly and AEGEEan is my dream for quite some time. I love writing, tavelling with AEGEE and partying........and I do believe with AEGEEan I can combine all of this. Hope you will like my funny articles, will comment the serious one and will enjoy the magazine as a whole. I have been editor and writer in this year "Key to Europe" and have worked and many TV projects in Bulgaria. Smiles!

Member of the Month: Olga Iatsyna – “AEGEE is a place where even a fail can turn into great achievement”

To work with Olga Iatsyna is always like traveling with a German train – nice, fast and on time. We have this internal rule in The AEGEEan not to nominate people from the team if they are not appointed from an external. So I was personally happy to see the nomination from the whole Network Commission (NetCom) team, saying: “she… Read more →

Member of the Month: Sylwia Ksiazek – for the great team and motivation

“I would like to propose as the Member of the Month Sylwia Książek and her organised T4T in Warszawa from 15th-22nd of April 2012. It gathered 23 young and active participants, 5 trainers and countless number of organisers who put their soul into that event. Sylwia have been involved with that project for a year and she didn’t give up. That… Read more →

Ana Dragic: “Sve više napredujemo”

I am meeting Ana Dragic just after a basketball tournament. She has just arranged the interview, but then surprises me with a filled questionnaire early in the morning. I don’t know Ana very well, but I can see that she really gets along with Marijana Roscic, the current Network Commissioner (NetCommie), so I am sure she will also inherit Marijana’s… Read more →

Do you think you can fly?

Five SUs you do not want to miss

Every year since 1987 groups of enthusiasts are trying to build the perfect program, to show their country, to attack foreigners, to make people experience incomparable emotions… and an unforgettable summer. It is not a matter of planning. It is much more about creativity and heart.  The AEGEEan editor Liliya Buyukliyska descripes the first SU she ever organised was like… Read more →