Comité Directeur

Social Innovation: An unconventional story, don’t dare to read.

(Last week I represented AEGEE-Europe in a social hearing on Social Innovation. Here is some food for thought as the outcome of couple of hours spent there.) Governments, academics, private sectors, they are all trying to survive and solve this infamous ‘times of crisis’. But there doesn’t seem to be any progress. Although politicians are trying to convince us with… Read more →

Youth Rise for Peace!

“I object to violence because when it appears to do well, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent” says Ghandi. How many times that statement has been proved to be true recently? How many times we have witnessed how bloody the hand of so called good could be? Our generation has been watching the Arab World… Read more →

The way forward?

Three members of the External Relations Department took a field trip to a chique conference of BusinessEurope, the umbrella for Chambers’ of Commerce all over Europe. Despite the presence of some fancy speakers (amongst which 3 European Commissioners), a nice new report, their 50th anniversary and it being a sunny autumn day; the mood was somewhat depressed amongst these business… Read more →