Meet your ACTies 2016-2017

At the upcoming European Planning Meeting (EPM) in Zagreb, you will hear more from one of our committees, namely the one that is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Action Agenda and will be supporting the drafting of the new Action Agenda. Who are we talking about? The Action Agenda Coordination Committee, also known as ACT!   The Action… Read more →

The tale of the three ACTive antennae and the migration situation

The month of the European Planning Meeting has finally arrived, and in a little less than three weeks we will gather in Leiden, Netherlands, to discuss one of the biggest issues that Europe is facing right now. Many locals have been taking action already, organising a number of activities related to the migration situation througout the Network. We spoke to… Read more →

The Action Agenda Coordination Committee: AEGEE ACTs!

The Action Agenda Coordination Committee (ACT) was officially established as a supporting committee of AEGEE-Europe in the Spring Agora Enschede in 2012. ACT’s most important task is to help the Network implement the Action Agenda. The Action Agenda is one of the most important documents created within AEGEE. It contains actions to be taken by locals in order to progress… Read more →

The Action Agenda, the ACT and the new Active Local of the Month award!

Since the new Action Agenda Coordination Committee started working after Agora Patra, one of the main aims of the body has become spreading knowledge about the strategic work of AEGEE-Europe. This means giving a lot of attention to promoting the Action Agenda and Strategic Plan, and a good way to do it is, why not, rewarding the antennae fulfilling the… Read more →

The new ACT team: “We’re working and planning to have a really strong PR management”

After the Open Call held last May, a new Action Agenda Coordination Committee (ACT) was selected. Despite having been announced only in August, the team has already started to work on new projects and on finding ways to bring the Action Agenda and the Strategic Plan closer to the Network. Members of the Speaker Team, Ruben Navarro and Monika Duda,… Read more →

Bringing the Action Agenda and Strategic Plan closer to the Network

 Nicola Guida (AEGEE-Napoli) and Anna van den Berg (AEGEE-Groningen) are part of the new Action Agenda Coordination Committee (ACT) team. Besides being members of ACT they are also subcommies of different Network Commissioners, so even though they had many tasks at Agora Zaragoza, The AEGEEan managed to catch up with the two of them.   Why did you decide to… Read more →

Getting Employed – The non formal way

“Getting Employed – The non formal way” is the name of a youth exchange which took place in Lyon, from 20th May till 27th May 2012, thanks to AEGEE-Lyon and the support of the Youth in Action program, Lyon Town Hall and the program “Prodige”. This Youth Exchange “Getting employed – the non-formal way” was about offering a space where participants were invited to be… Read more →