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Sumer University logo history

A couple of weeks ago we started an online survey with the question whether the Summer University Project needs a new logo. For some of you may be out of the blue, but an idea that has been around for some time now.

From the responses we got through our survey or on Facebook people were very much di...

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Enjoy the Dutch wintertime

As we already know, the end of the world is near. But if you are afraid that you haven’t lived enough, AEGEE- Leiden has a master plan to help you to enjoy your last (but not the least) New Year’s party!
If you are ready to spend the most amazing winter days in the typical Dutch New Year’s atmosph...

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European School of Entrepreneurship

New Ideas, New Skills, New Opportunities 

Businessmen, university professors, young entrepreneurs from all over Europe and enthusiastic AEGEEans are coming together and developing an innovative AEGEE event.

This is the European School of Entrepreneurship – a fresh project which will be providing pa...

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Mix the Balkan cultures

The Balkans have always been the place for conflicts; a place at the end of Europe but in the heart of wars! History has always narrated conflict and new countries have been taking shape for the past 20 years. It is the place where people with the same nationality fight against each other...

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Summer University Project School 2011!

As Summer comes to an end for most of Europe, all AEGEEans start waiting for the next year and their next Summer University, the new destinations to travel to, the new ideas for SUs, and the new people who will be organizing Summer Universities locally...

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