European Events

First look at Agora Budapest

On 20th January 2011 the Comité Directeur announced that AEGEE-Budapest has been chosen to host this year’s Fall Agora. This will be the third time for the antenna, after 1992 and 1995, to organise AEGEE’s biggest event. Preparations have already started, and we interviewed Márton Demeter, the main coordinator of Agora Budapest in order to find out what we should… Read more →

European School 1 in Passau

Since the 14th of December I have a virus… A very contagious one… It’s the AEGEE virus! And it all started in the lovely city of Passau in December 2011… I only joined my antenna AEGEE-Utrecht in August 2011, but immediately fell in love with AEGEE. It offers limitless possibilities like travelling, meeting new friends from all over Europe, self-development,… Read more →

Human Resources European School (HRES)

Heroes will Rock Europe in Spring again! Who? Where? What? YES! For the second time in the history of AEGEE Europe…. Human Resources European School (HRES) – the one-week training event on HR – will take place again! This time the little baby of AEGEE-Academy, HRES will be born in a marvellous city of Ukraine – Kiev. According to doctor examinations,… Read more →

European School of Entrepreneurship

New Ideas, New Skills, New Opportunities  Businessmen, university professors, young entrepreneurs from all over Europe and enthusiastic AEGEEans are coming together and developing an innovative AEGEE event. This is the European School of Entrepreneurship – a fresh project which will be providing participants with a complete insight into the implementation of business ideas and on the procedures of setting up… Read more →