Sygrit Andringa on her candidature, Ermanno’s accent and sleepyheads of the Agora

If you attended Agora Skopje, EBM Izmir or are one of the lucky participants of Agora Enschede then you should know who the current chair team is, and more importantly – the secretary that takes all the minutes and writes down all your interesting questions. Her name is Sygrit Andringa and she is candidating for half more year with the chair team family,… Read more →

Ana Dragic: “Sve više napredujemo”

I am meeting Ana Dragic just after a basketball tournament. She has just arranged the interview, but then surprises me with a filled questionnaire early in the morning. I don’t know Ana very well, but I can see that she really gets along with Marijana Roscic, the current Network Commissioner (NetCommie), so I am sure she will also inherit Marijana’s… Read more →

It’s not all about the Money!

What does a Financial Director do in AEGEE? Checking reimbursements, making money transfers, bookkeeping…But actually Elena Antova does a lot more and shows her ongoing interest in AEGEE events and other fields. She shared with us her memories of her term in the CD house, her hobbies, plans and more. Enjoy reading to get to know more about our lovely… Read more →

Ermanno Napolitano candidating for Members Commission

Dear Network, Here is one of our candidates for Members Commission at this Agora Enschede, current Juridical Commission (JC) President, Ermanno Napolitano. AEGEEan: So Ermanno, tell us after one year and a half of JC what made you choose Members Commission (MemCom)? In some ways it is very different from what I have done in JC, also because it was… Read more →

Do you know Mickey from AEGEE-Brescia?

Which Mickey were you thinking about when you opened this article? AEGEE-Brescia has a new Michele whose name may become well-known, as he is candidating for the Audit Commission (AC). The AEGEEan interviewed this Italian boy to get to know him better and his programme too. AEGEEan: Michele, can you tell us something about you? What do you do apart… Read more →