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Fund Raising European School in Eskisehir: “We’ll Put the FUN into Fundraising!”

AEGEE-Eskişehir was our Local of the Month of December, and the Turkish antenna is in full swing organising local events, but also international ones. It signed the Convention d’Adhesion in 2001 during Autumn Agora Ankara, organising the Balkans Regional Meeting one year later. Their activities are local projects, thematic events, Summer Universities, Network Meetings and weekly meetings on every Wednesday with… Read more →

Trainers’ Forum 2017, A Place to Develop Skills and Knowledge

Non-formal education is really important in our organisation and hundreds of trainings are delivered to our members every year. Trainers are those who share their skills and their knowledge with participants. A group of 13 trainers from different AEGEE locals gathered in Wrocław from the 13th until the 15th of January for the 2017 edition of the Trainers’ Forum. Along with 100 other… Read more →

TNT Cluj-Napoca: How to Become a Future Trainer with AEGEE-Academy

In the heart of Romania, in Cluj-Napoca, an educational event called TNT or Training new Trainers was organised from the 7th to the 14th of December 2016, in collaboration with AEGEE-Academy. For this article, we talked to organisers Antonis Triantafyllakis (AEGEE-Cluj Napoca) and Marina Muşetescu (president of AEGEE-Cluj Napoca), trainers Antonis Triantafyllakis (The AEGEE-Academy) and Danny Memarpour (IFMSA-International Federation of Medical Students Associations) and participants Alejandra… Read more →

Workshops and Progress Meeting II: Be Water, My Friend! I Was Killed by PowerPoint and Peace It Up!

Whether you are a delegate, a visitor or an envoy, you are definitely going to love the workshops planned for the upcoming Spring Agora Bergamo! They are new, they are fresh and interactive, aimed for new members coming as visitors, some of them being for the first time at an Agora, eager to learn valuable things, AEGEE related or not,… Read more →

A New Strategy for AEGEE’s Internal Education

“It is more or less common ground that one of the weakest points of AEGEE is its internal education. In all levels of the association, active members are expected to bring results virtually without any training at all”. Although this might sound familiar to many AEGEEans, these words were taken from AEGEE’s draft project on internal education back in 1999.… Read more →

The Academy and AEGEE-Utrecht teaming up again for SES 2015!

You have been an active AEGEEan for quite some time, you have organised several events, been involved in projects, and taken up responsibility and duties inside the organisation. However, you notice something is missing. The motivational spark is starting to fade out… Do you identify yourself with these lines? If so, you better save the dates from 22nd to 28th… Read more →

Local of the Month October: Team Building is the Key for AEGEE-Barcelona

AEGEE-Barcelona is one busy antenna! They have meetings every Saturday where they meet, socialize and discuss the future of their antenna. In one of those meetings a while ago, they decided to host Fundraising European School (FRES) and it is that particular event that has made them become the Local of the Month of October. The AEGEEan interviewed Clàudia Nogués, who… Read more →

AEGEEans and friends learning about fundraising with AEGEE-Barcelona

Next week from September 27th until October 5th AEGEE-Barcelona will be hosting Fundraising European School for 18 participants – the best way to say goodbye to summer holidays and stay motivated in AEGEE. And hopefully it will still be sunny and warm! AEGEE-Barcelona is a large antenna of around 80 members and depending with the level of activity and the academic… Read more →

The Academy: A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

Ever since its establishment in 1999, the AEGEE Academy has been working hard to develop and strengthen the human resources of AEGEE and to stimulate the motivation of its members, by providing them with non-formal learning experiences. Last April the new board of the Academy was elected, starting their term on the 1st of June after their Knowledge Transfer. Next… Read more →

Learn & Share! – The Academy Is Back On Track

Restoring the Academy to its former glory – this has been the main goal of the board of the AEGEE Academy in the past six months and they have ambitious plans to keep working on during this new term. The Academy has recently hold elections, and their previous board members, Maartje Natrop (AEGEE-Utrecht), Costas Deltouzos (AEGEE-Patra) and Patrick Scholz (AEGEE-Aachen)… Read more →