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AEGEE-Bergamo for Local of the Month of May: “Organising a Statutory Event is a Very Complex Goal”

The winner of Local of the Month of May is none other than AEGEE-Bergamo! The organiser of the spring Agora 2016 hosted 1000 people, a huge number of participants even for an Agora. We had a talk with the board of AEGEE-Bergamo about the challenges encountered for organising AEGEE’s biggest statutory event, about their antenna and of course, about their… Read more →

Member of the Month Lisa Gregis: “AEGEE? No Love at First Sight”

Here we go again! This month The AEGEEan selected Lisa Gregis, President of AEGEE-Bergamo, as the Member of the Month (MoM). An AEGEE member by chance, with a strong interest in communication, she has even been “Mattia Abis” for a while on Facebook! The AEGEEan: Lisa Gregis, you are the new member of the month! Tell us about yourself something… Read more →

Repeating the History of (A)EGEE with the Night of the Seven Antennae

The year 2015 marks the year that AEGEE-Europe turns 30 years old, although we surely don’t look that old yet! To prepare the birthday, the Anniversary Team has been created, which organises several events throughout the year to pay tribute to the history and future of our organisation. One of these events is the Night of the Seven Antennae, which… Read more →

The AEGEEan’s Choice Award 2014: Most Creative Merchandise

It is time for The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards again! From March 10th until March 31st you can let us know who are your favorites in categories such as Best Video, Most Active Working Group, Most Impressive Roll Call and, of course, Most Creative Merchandise. For the last category, The AEGEEan has found five nominees, namely: AEGEE-Bratislava, AEGEE-Bergamo, AEGEE-Warszawa, AEGEE-Zaragoza and the Comité… Read more →