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SUPS – The Road That Leads to a SUper Event

The Summer University Project School is going to take place this year in Catania from the 7th until the13th of March. The participants will learn all they need to know in order to organize the perfect Summer University. We asked Ioana Duca, Main Organizer of SUPS 2016 and Roberto Patanè, president of AEGEE-Catania and SUPS Responsible, about the event, so… Read more →

The SU Organised By AEGEE-Catania is the best (again). What’s Their Secret?

AEGEE-Catania got the prize for the best Summer University four times in the last four years. We talked about it with Roberto Patané, Main Coordinator SU Catania 2015 and Elisa Tabbì, AEGEE-Catania’s former president. We asked them to explain us how they experienced being the Specialists in the creation of the Summer Universities. Located in Sicily, in AEGEE-Catania, people are all friends with… Read more →

AEGEE-Catania welcomes you to ride the Sicilian Rainbow!

AEGEE-Catania’s Summer University (SU) was elected as the best SU during Autumn Agora Cagliari, but that, for sure, does not mean this Sicilian antenna’s work is done. Not at all actually, because the local is on fire with a Network Meeting (NWM), another Summer University and contribution to the upcoming Night of the Seven Antennae. We spoke to Alfio Koshimanu… Read more →

Repeating the History of (A)EGEE with the Night of the Seven Antennae

The year 2015 marks the year that AEGEE-Europe turns 30 years old, although we surely don’t look that old yet! To prepare the birthday, the Anniversary Team has been created, which organises several events throughout the year to pay tribute to the history and future of our organisation. One of these events is the Night of the Seven Antennae, which… Read more →

AEGEE-Catania reveals the ingredients for a perfect Summer University

Being awarded the best Summer University is never an easy task, due to the big amount of contenders. Being awarded twice with such a distinction is something to be proud of. Well… in Autumn Agora Cagliari, AEGEE-Catania received this award for the third time in a row! We were wondering what the secret of the organisers of AEGEE-Catania is to organise… Read more →

The Fantastic Five of Summer Universities

This year, a total of 3312 SU applicants made their choice amongst the 80 available Summer Universities. Among those, five of them stood out, having far more than 100 applications. It won’t be a surprise that we are talking about AEGEE-Cagliari & AEGEE-Napoli’s ‘La vita è bella: Mediterranean coast to coast’ managed to gather 184 applications, but AEGEE-Peiraias’ ‘Sea Wars:… Read more →

Meet the young entrepreneurs of AEGEE!

European School of Entrepreneurship 5-12 December 2011 Catania, Sicily I’m a billionaire, sang Travie McCoy. So will we. Meet the young entrepreneurs of AEGEE! The European School of Entrepreneurship (ESE) was a real pioneer in every sense among all the AEGEE trainings. It was not just the first edition of ESE, but also the topic was uttermost interesting since it… Read more →