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RTC Season : Let’s Talk about it with AEGEE Lviv, AEGEE Touluse, AEGEE Firenze and AEGEE Pisa

It is already that magical season of the year! No, we are not talking about Spring and the rebirth of nature. Of course we are talking about the RTC season. RTCs (Regional Training Courses) are meetings among members and their aim (according to what is written on the AEGEE Europe member’s portal) is to prepare them to take responsibilities in… Read more →

The Road to the Agora

Spring Agora Bergamo starts on the 18th of May this year, and its arrival is solemnly heralded by its many Facebook invites and by those of the Pre-Agora events. If you go to the Agora, you can go directly or you can go via one of the six Pre-Agora events (or just go to one of the six Pre-Agora events,… Read more →

Friends from the First Bite Never Say “Goodbye”

Firstly, take a wonderful country, then scatter some beautiful cities on its surface. Mix three antennas and sprinkle them. Finally, add 26 participants from all over Europe and bake under the Italian sun for two weeks. In the end, you’re gonna taste the most spicy, delicious and delightful Summer University (SU) you could ever imagine!   The Pisa Part The… Read more →