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LTCs Across the Network

There could be nothing more straightforward than a Local Training Course: it is a course, it is local, and you will be trained. Nevertheless, the most generic names can have the most varying results, and, because of this, no single LTC is the same. This is why the AEGEEan sat down with Alejandra Piot from AEGEE-A Coruña, Raquel Pastor from… Read more →

Outcomes of the Public Relations European School in Poznań Directly from Zsófia Komáromi

Did you miss the Public Relations European School (PRES) event which took place last year between 23rd and 30th November in Poznań? Read this article and find out more insights about the project from the training manager, Zsófia Komáromi. We also talked to her about her overall impression of PRES, how it was like to be in the position of… Read more →

Meet EPM Burgos Content Managers: Adrian and Nikolay

The European Planning Meeting (EPM) will officially start on the 18th of February and the topic choosen during Autumn Agora Cagliari is “Europe and Russia, view from the youth prospective”. In order to develop the topic in the best way possible, two content managers were appointed, with the help of Lavinia Manea (AEGEE-București), Content manager of EBM Lublin 2014 (European… Read more →

Press for PRES: Ready for a challenging European School?

Every year the Academy, in cooperation with the Public Relations Committee, organises a one week training: the Public Relations European School (PRES). This event is an unique opportunity to develop skills in terms of PR strategy and in particular in the fields of corporate identity, presentation techniques and development of PR materials. This year, PRES will take place in Poznań,… Read more →

AEGEE – with a Heart for Georgia

“Such initiatives once again prove that AEGEE is not only about voting, candidates, and committees, but about people connected with each other and helping on a distance of thousands of kilometers.” This is what Olga Iatsyna, former Network Commissioner, wrote on her Facebook profile. We never thought otherwise! The members of AEGEE-Poznań united their enthusiasm and willingness to promote the cultures… Read more →