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ACTive Local of August-AEGEE Sofia: “People, Just Make Our Network Great Again!”

AEGEE Sofia has been chosen as ACTive Local of the Month, because during August they organised an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, and a SU that matters in collaboration with the Civic Education Working Group. We interviewed Elitsa Hadzhieva, president of AEGEE Sofia to know more about those wonderful activities and the local.   ACT: Which emotions did you have when you… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month AEGEE-Sofia: “Nothing is impossible!”

April was a very busy month full of different events, from Agora Asturias to the N7A. This month’s winner for the the Most ACTive Local of the Month is AEGEE-Sofia! Sofia was one of the 7 antennas that has organized N7A and proved, yet again, that they are an awesome antenna. They have contributed to the two Focus Areas: Spreading… Read more →

Repeating the History of (A)EGEE with the Night of the Seven Antennae

The year 2015 marks the year that AEGEE-Europe turns 30 years old, although we surely don’t look that old yet! To prepare the birthday, the Anniversary Team has been created, which organises several events throughout the year to pay tribute to the history and future of our organisation. One of these events is the Night of the Seven Antennae, which… Read more →

Lia Tuska for Secretary: “Someone told me to follow my dreams. So I decided to do it!”

Whenever you do an internet search on ‘Lia Tuska’ and ‘Agora’, you will find a multitude of articles written by her. She decided to step out of the fringe and into the limelight as she announced her candidature for Secretary of the Agora. The AEGEEan wondered, whether there is more to know about this honourable member of AEGEE-Sofia and decided to… Read more →