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Girls who run AEGEE – The Network Commission

Last term there was a female speaker, and a large number of female representatives in the Network Commission. Then at the Agora Enschede we saw that this tendency would most likely continue with the division of eight female and two male candidates for the Network Commission...

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Girls who run AEGEE – Financial Director Anna Gots

At Agora Enschede we saw how many ladies were selected. You may wonder who these ladies are and this article will give you a deeper insight Anna Gots who is moving to Brussels in August to take over the position as Financial Director. 

The lady who is going to make dealing with numbers FUN

Anna Got...

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Girls of AEGEE – Audit Commissioner Esperanza

“Hi I am not Espe, I don’t have big…” Alberto Cuesta Noriega pointed at his chest when doing the presentation of Esperanza Rodriguez Medina for the Audit Commission (AC) at the Agora Enschede. However, the real Esperanza was in fact elected for Audit Commission...

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First-Time Visitor at the Agora

The AEGEEan Team meeting in Agora

In my previous Agorae, visitors used to tell me how great it was to be a visitor in a statutory event, without any obligations. Late wake-up, breakfast, maybe some sightseeing, maybe a plenary, lunch, catching up with old friends, dinner, and party till the morning...

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No More Space for Alcohol

The last day of Agora Enschede was eventful...

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First-Time Delegate at the Agora

AEGEE-København members asked me before I headed off to the Agora if I had been a delegate before at a statutory event. Despite being my second Agora, Agora Enschede was the first time that I was a delegate for AEGEE-København...

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Update from Agora Enschede: Voting Results of the Vote of Confidence

This morning the Chair Team of Agora Enschede presented the voting results for the Vote of Confidence of Comité Directeur (CD): 
Alfredo Sellitti,  President of AEGEE-Europe, did not receive the Vote of Confidence. He is no longer the President of AEGEE-Europe.
Alma Mozgovaja, Secretary General, ...
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Vote for Confidence for the Comité Directeur done today at Agora Enschede!

Yesterday evening at Agora Enschede the vote of confidence for the Comité Directeur (CD) took place. To sum it up, at the beginning the whole procedure took over two hours. At 21:30 the delegates left the plenary exhausted after 12 hours full of sessions. 
Alfredo Sellitti, President of AEGEE-Euro...
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Urgent news: Vote of Confidence against the Comité Directeur (CD) at Agora Enschede!

Five members of the Comité Directeur (CD), Marko Grdošić, Gizem Karsli, Jüri Kirpu, Elena Antova and Guillermo García Tabarés, asked for a vote of confidence against Alfredo Sellitti, President of AEGEE-Europe at the opening plenary of Agora Enschede.

After the first moment the plenary was so ...
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The AEGEEan meets Peter den Oudsten – Mayor of Enschede

As everybody already knows, this year’s Spring Agora is taking place in the Dutch city of Enschede. For you The AEGEEan interviewed the Mayor of the city Mr. Peter den Oudsten. Here are some brief information he shared with us: 

The AEGEEan: What was your first reaction when you were told about a...

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