Urgent news: Vote of Confidence against the Comité Directeur (CD) at Agora Enschede!

Five members of the Comité Directeur (CD), Marko Grdošić, Gizem Karsli, Jüri Kirpu, Elena Antova and Guillermo García Tabarés, asked for a vote of confidence against Alfredo Sellitti, President of AEGEE-Europe at the opening plenary of Agora Enschede.

After the first moment the plenary was so quiet as it never had been before. It is a serious situation now. No one knows how this situation will go on or can be solved. Most of the participants of the plenary were shocked and unprepared for it.
Making the situation even more complicated, Thomas Leszke from AEGEE-Köln entered the stage and proposed a vote of confidence against all CD members. In order to bring the voting forward, 10 locals had to sign the motion, which Thomas prepared beforehand.
However, the Juridical Commission stated that a vote of confidence can only be asked against one person once, so the first proposal was impossible to vote upon. The Chair team announced that tomorrow evening there will be time for all CD members to justify themselves and questions can be asked by Agora. Afterwards the Agora will be asked to vote against each CD member separately.
According to the statutes of AEGEE-Europe (CIA), a 2/3 majority is required to dissolve the CD. If Alfredo Sellitti has no longer the confidence of Agora, the current Vice-President Marko Grdošić will take over the role of the President of AEGEE-Europe until the end of the CD term 2011/12, which is August 31, 2012.
Alfredo Sellitti declared that he had been informed about the vote of confidence by other CD members only five minutes before the start of the plenary. He said that it is a big surprise to him, and he wanted to defend his position immediately. However, the Chair announced that the President will have that possibility tomorrow evening.
So stay tuned tomorrow to find out what happens with the members of the Comité Directeur!
Written by Stephanie Müller, AEGEE-Heidelberg

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