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Lorenzo Ligas for Member of SUCT: “No Matter How Hard it Could Be, No Matter the Failures, I Run for My Goals!”

As the time passes, we are getting closer and closer to Autumn Agora Catania. The candidates are getting ready and of course we would like to know more about them and the reason why they want to represent us. Lorenzo Ligas is one of the candidates for SUCT, this being his second time to candidate, but he says that “the… Read more →

Giulia Caberlotto Wrote a Thesis on AEGEE, Organization Which is a “Source of Motivation Itself”

Giulia Caberlotto (AEGEE-Udine) wrote her thesis, in order to complete her studies in Public Relations, about AEGEE. She has been an AEGEE member for two years now and is currently the President of her local, an experience which gives her the sufficient knowledge in order to complete this task. The AEGEEan: Hey, Giulia! How was the idea born to write a… Read more →

NetCom Times: Introducing the new NetCom!

During Autumn Agora Cagliari six new members of the NetCom were elected, namely: Andrea Schmelz (AEGEE-Passau), Boudewijn Steenhof (AEGEE-Leiden), Mario Galea (AEGEE-Valletta), Marta Wnuk (AEGEE-Warszawa), Olga Rivero (AEGEE-Oviedo) and Tekla Hajdu (AEGEE-Budapest). The AEGEEan spoke to them to find out more about these new members and their plans for the upcoming months. Andrea Schmelz (AEGEE-Passau) Why did you apply to… Read more →

AEGEE-Dresden founder Jorge Sánchez Hernández: “The most valuable thing that AEGEE has given me is all the amazing people I have met on the way”

During the Autumn Agora in Cagliari, Jorge Sánchez Hernández took the stage to present AEGEE-Dresden, which was at that moment still a contact. After his speech however, he signed the Convention d’Adhesion, transforming his contact into a contact antenna. Looking at the endless amounts of time, work and motivation he put into re-founding a local in Dresden, The AEGEEan thought… Read more →

Szabina Hellinger for MedCom: “MedCom work is not only about the intervention in any possible conflict”

Szabina Hellinger, Hungarian but from AEGEE-Brescia, is the last candidate to have applied for a spot in the Mediation Commission. The AEGEEan had a talk with her to discover more about her, her motivation and her plans. The AEGEEan: Please, introduce yourself. Szabina: I met AEGEE in 2009 through my first Summer University and got immediately the wave of it. I started my… Read more →

Erika Bettin for Chairperson: “good communication and good cooperation is the key to deliver a good job”

Active member of the Culture Working Group, Agora responsible for the Election Observation project, Editor for the AEGEEan and co-Editor-in-Chief of the Key to Europe 2013-2014, but also terrified by clowns and mangos, Erika (AEGEE-Venezia) is one of the candidates for the position of Chairperson for the next term. The AEGEEan met her to ask her few questions to know… Read more →

Rubén Puras for NetCom: “There is a secret ingredient, motivation, that can move the world!”

The AEGEEan is currently meeting all the candidates for the different positions that will be elected at Autumn Agora Cagliari 2014. One of these motivated members is Rubén Puras, president of AEGEE-Burgos and coordinator of the upcoming European Planning Meeting in the Spanish city, who is now running also to become Network Commissioner! The AEGEEan asked him some questions in… Read more →

Ioana Duca: “If I’ll ever candidate for CD, it will be for Financial Director”

The Comité Directeur still has one available place: Financial Director. Ioana Duca applied for this possition, currently being the interim Financial Director. She is a proud member of AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca and always willing to discover more of the AEGEE mystery. Read the answers she gave to The AEGEEan to find out more about her! The AEGEEan: Ioana, you started in AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca… Read more →

Georgia Grolliou for SUCT: “If it’s not you that you love to work for this amazing organisation, then who would do it?”

Georgia Grolliou joined AEGEE about two years ago during her Erasmus in Aachen. She is the current president of AEGEE-Thessaloniki and she is running for Project Manager of Summer University Coordination Team (SUCT). Let’s find out more about her and her plans for SUCT! The AEGEEan: Who are you? How did you find out about AEGEE? Hello to everyone!! I… Read more →