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A Suggestion for Your Future Career? EU Studies Fair is Your Solution.

Lots of young people often wonder what they can do after they have completed university in their own countries. Although many of them decide to spend up to six months in a foreign country with the Erasmus programme, others prefer to improve their future career by attending a Master’s Programme or taking a traineeship. The real problem is that sometimes these… Read more →

Comité Directeur 2014 – 2015 is ready to rock!

Group sessions about different aspects of working in the board of AEGEE-Europe, information about different initiatives that have to be followed up, visits to the European Parliament and other partners and stakeholders and a teambuilding weekend: after an extensive Knowledge Transfer period, taking place from the 14th until the 31st of July and the official start of their term on the 1st of… Read more →

Branding AEGEE in Brussels

The AEGEEan is starting a new section – News from the Past! Now on regular basis we will introduce you to interesting articles from previous annual reports (“Key to Europe“). First article in this series goes back to 2002!   Communication: from strategy to implementation Branding AEGEE in Brussels (April 1997- May 1999)   Background and Challenge For AEGEE-Europe, Brussels… Read more →

AEGEE-Groningen and their annual meeting with the European Parlament

On 30 May AEGEE-Groningen visited Brussels. This is something we do every year, so that the new members that we recruit can meet the Comité Directeur (CD), and become informed about the European level. Not only through AEGEE, but also through the European Parliament. There were even some people from AEGEE-Nijmegen, AEGEE-Bruxelles and the Comité Directeur joining us. Each year, we visit… Read more →