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CWG: “A Quote Can Definitely Give You The Boost You Need Sometimes To Get The Day Started.”

The Culture Working Group (CWG) was born in 1997 and aims to show people that they are surrounded by culture through music, theater, cinema or any kind of art and history. CWG was created as a space where people can give their own interpretation and meaning. The activities you can find in the group are Intercultural communication training, online discussions, creating… Read more →

Member of the Month of October Sabina Guja: “The most difficult thing is trying to hold on to a high standard”

Like every month, The AEGEEan elects a member who stand out for his or her contribution to our association. In October this person was Sabina Guja from AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca, rewarding her for being the Public Relations (PR) responsible of the Culture Working Group (CWG) and having been part of two proofreaders team (The AEGEEan and the Key to Europe), a job… Read more →

Sharing December Stories

The idea of the ‘December stories’ project came out of curiosity: how do other people celebrate their cultural events in December? What makes the Russian Christmas special and what do they do on the 24th? Do the Turkish celebrate anything during the ‘holiday season’? What do the Dutch do? And do they do the same in Belgium? What about Finland,… Read more →

Agora Zaragoza social program with focus on culture

On the 21st of October an e-mail was sent by the Incoming Responsible of Agora Zaragaoza to the participants. The mail contained information about the Social Program and all parties’ themes. Today The AEGEEan brings you an interview with the Agora team’s PR responsible, Silvia Sierra (AEGEE-Zaragoza) about these parties.  How has it been working on the social program for… Read more →

International Politics or Culture: Different manners to taste the European feeling of AEGEE

These days, all the Working Groups of AEGEE are in the middle of elections for new boards. The Sports Working Group (SWG) reflected on their year as the board of the SWG, and in this interview the Culture Working Group (CWG) and International Politics Working Group (IPWG) also look back at their time as board members since Agora Budapest. During… Read more →

Teaming Up for AEGEE Fair at ZarAgora

Two girls from The AEGEEan have been chosen as fair managers for Autumn Agora Zaragoza. One being Anna Gumbau (AEGEE-Barcelona), the editor of the Working Groups/Project Teams section and the second being Dasha Onohova (AEGEE-Moskva), who is famous for the pictures she takes at the statutory events. The two girls also Work together in the Culture Working Group (CWG), but… Read more →

Member of the Month of April – Alice Bednářová

“She has been responsible for the successful revival of the Cultural European Night at the EBM”. Who is this mysterious person, you might be wondering? It is Alice Bednarova from AEGEE-London. The European Night during Autumn Agora Budapest raised many questions and gave way to many discussions. The Culture Working Group (CWG) has decided to take things under control starting… Read more →