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Eastern Partnership Convention in Kraków: “Bringing attention to the region helps to get more recognition and support.”

From the 20th to the 24th of May, AEGEE-Kraków in cooperation with the Eastern Partnership Project of AEGEE-Europe (EaP) will organise a convention on the Eastern Partnership in the city of Kraków, Poland. The convention will host 23 people from all around Europe and will tackle issues such as European integration and the international relations with the countries from the… Read more →

Moldovan elections: what was at stake, what we observed, and what might happen

On the 1st of December, Moldova woke up with the results of the parliamentary elections that would decide the direction that this small landlocked country would have taken. Bordering a European Union member state (Romania) and Ukraine, Moldova faces a similar challenge as their Eastern Partnership neighbours: keeping their ties with Russia, or pushing towards Europe? Arrived in Chișinău, one could… Read more →

Marta Wnuk for Network Commissioner: “Netcommies should be in a constant dialogue with people and listen to their ideas”

Marta Wnuk, 23, is currently board member of AEGEE-Warszawa and content manager of the Eastern Partnership Project. However, she has now decided to take another step forwarrd and run for Network Commissioner, having the Polish-speaking locals as her preference. A previous Subcommissioner of Mateusz Dokurno, she applied while the deadline for candidatures was extended, and here is what she can… Read more →

AEGEE-Lviv goes to Aachen!

Between 7th and 12th of March the members of AEGEE-Lviv visited AEGEE-Aachen. Along with being a cultural exchange event, it was also held within the framework of Eastern Partnership Project. Fellow members got to spend a few days filled with activities aimed at discovering the German culture and exploring the charming city Aachen and it’s surroundings. Next to that, members… Read more →

Fresh Member Domenico Villano on his first event in Brno two days after joining AEGEE

Domenico Villano joined AEGEE-Napoli on the 12th of April and only two days later he attended his first European event: the EAP Conference in Brno. Nicola Guida from AEGEE-Napoli took the chance to interview Domenico about his first event and how it was. Nicola: Domenico, most AEGEE members start their experience in the Network with a Summer University that is usually… Read more →

Member of the Month: Armenak Minasyants plans to bring one of the statutory events to Yerevan

Dear Network, if you do not know his name yet than you have already missed out many extraordinary things that the member of this month has done during his membership in AEGEE. I will give you some tips: he is the Speaker of the International Politics Working Group (IPWG), former coordinator of the Conflict Resolution pillar of the Eastern Partnership… Read more →