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7 Highlights for the 7th Edition of the Charlemagne Youth Prize

As every year, the European Charlemagne Youth Prize (ECYP) took place in the city of Aachen, under its 7th edition. After Europe on Track’s major success last year, some AEGEE members gathered in Charlemagne’s city in order to know which project would be its successor. Youth unemployment, selfies, remarkable guests, journalism and the situation in Ukraine have just been some… Read more →

AEGEE-Valletta wins national selection for Charlemagne youth prize 2014

After last year’s success with the Charlemagne youth prize 2013, when AEGEE-Europe won the  final selection with the project Europe on Track, this year again there is an AEGEE-project running for it at the European final in Aachen: AEGEE-Valletta won the national competition with the EBM 2013  “Preserving the present, saving our future”. We have interviewed Martha Misdus, Vice-president of… Read more →

“2013 as Europe’s Year of Air – The Future of Europe and Air Pollution”

Almost two months have passed since EBM Valletta 2013 took place. It was, indeed, an amazing event which gave all participants courage and inspiration to start acting and become part of the change all over Europe. Plenty of discussions, sessions, presentations and workshops were included in the programme, making the contribution of the participants both necessary and fun! One of… Read more →

Member of the Month of April – Alice Bednářová

“She has been responsible for the successful revival of the Cultural European Night at the EBM”. Who is this mysterious person, you might be wondering? It is Alice Bednarova from AEGEE-London. The European Night during Autumn Agora Budapest raised many questions and gave way to many discussions. The Culture Working Group (CWG) has decided to take things under control starting… Read more →

CD Telegram March 2013

Even though the spring was swept away by the rigorous winter throughout Europe, the Comité Directeur (CD) spirit has not disappeared and the two statutory events, the tight deadlines, the many AEGEEans we met in these four weeks resulted in an unforgettable and crazy month! Despite the fact that the CD members spent many days together abroad, we still had the… Read more →

The NetCom Times: AEGEE-Tilburg’s road to success

In September 2012 AEGEE-Tilburg consisted of just two guys. Two experienced members: Tjeerd Kosse and Yunhai Su decided to make a re-start with AEGEE-Tilburg.  After a search two new board members joined. First Matei Zamfirescu and right after Sintija Saurina. In October the board was formed with Tjeerd as president, Sintjia as secretary, Yunhai as treasurer and Matei as visuals… Read more →

First Look Into EBM Valletta 2013

It was recently announced that the EBM 2013 will be hosted by AEGEE-Valletta. An event that will bring approximately 300 participants from all over Europe to the sunny island of Malta in February next year.  The AEGEEan caught up with the president of AEGEE-Valletta Chris Frendo to congratulate him with the selection as host of EBM 2013 and to get… Read more →