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AEGEE-Ankara on the establishment of a Youth Council in Turkey

On the 13th of July 2014, a Youth Council was established in Turkey, giving almost 30 different youth organizations the chance to cooperate between them. Among them, there is also AEGEE, represented for now by AEGEE-Ankara. The AEGEEan spoke to Turgut Tosun and Oğuz Tosun, member of the coordination group and boardmember of AEGEE-Ankara, to find out more. On the 13th of… Read more →

Lobbying with AEGEE – 24h in the life of a Policy Officer

The work of a Policy Officer involves a lot of reading — lengthy study and survey reports, lofty European Commission publications, and repetitive online discussions — but every now and then something more exciting comes along as well. One of those moments was the first lobbying meeting of the Dutch Youth Council on Education for sustainability, followed the next day… Read more →