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AEGEEans and Young People All Over Europe React for the European Project

There is a project that is involving people from many countries of Europe. Its aim is to discuss the EU issues and protest against Brexit and other events undermining the European Union. In this interview we spoke with Leo Bue, from AEGEE-Aachen, and he told us more about the project, the feedback of some supporters and the situation of basic rights in Europe.… Read more →

Europe Goes On Stage

Theatre, to some a hobby and to others a lifestyle choice, is becoming more integrated in AEGEE. For years, AEGEE-Nijmegen was the only local with an active theatre committee, but, recently, there was an idea for more locals are following suit. The Culture Interest Group decided to go one step further, and have announced plans for a pan-European theatre project; Europe… Read more →

Workshops and Progress Meeting II: Be Water, My Friend! I Was Killed by PowerPoint and Peace It Up!

Whether you are a delegate, a visitor or an envoy, you are definitely going to love the workshops planned for the upcoming Spring Agora Bergamo! They are new, they are fresh and interactive, aimed for new members coming as visitors, some of them being for the first time at an Agora, eager to learn valuable things, AEGEE related or not,… Read more →

UNinvolved in PEACE: Living Reality

“If blue helmeted UN peacekeepers show up in your town or village and offer to protect you, RUN.” Andrew Thomson, Emergency Sex Few days ago in the evening I was doing my usual stuff on the internet: surfing, surfing and again surfing internet news channels and Facebook/Twitter, when suddenly I noticed this controversial photo which at least for me was both… Read more →

Towards Peace Building – Small steps, Big vision!

“…Children’s games in the streets were suddenly interrupted but they wanted to play more with their Armenian friends, they wanted to listen together to tales of their grandparents in the dusty streets of Van, Kars and Bitlis. Without telling the reason why our Armenian friends left, they taught us to forget 24 April, to forget the games we played and the stories… Read more →