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Meet the New Comité Directeur 2015-2016

The closing of Agora Asturias 2015 brought the newly elected Comite Directeur with it, composed of seven people who will begin their mandate on the 1st of July: President Aleksandra Kluczka (AEGEE-Kraków), Secretary General Svenja van der Tol (AEGEE-Nijmegen), Financial Director Ander Guerrero Ruiz (AEGEE-Zaragoza),  and as Member of Comité Directeur: Anna Gumbau (AEGEE-Barcelona), Pablo Hernández Rodríguez (AEGEE-Thessaloniki/Alicante) and Réka… Read more →

Pablo Hernández, Candidate for the Comité Directeur: “I Feel Like I Fully Understand Which Are the Needs of This Association”

Pablo Hernández (AEGEE-Alicante/AEGEE-Thessaloniki) is a candidate for the position of External Relations Director of the Comité Directeur (CD). He has a bachelor and masters’ degree in law and considers himself to have a lot of experience in the field of External Relations, due to his professional practice and activity in AEGEE, both on local and European level. The candidate wants to… Read more →

Özgün Kaplama, Candidate for the NetCom: “I am a Well Experienced Member, Don’t Hesitate to Ask Me Questions at the Agora”

From the category of Candidates for Agora Asturias 2015, we bring you another candidate who has big plans for the Network Commission. Özgün Kaplama, AEGEE-Istanbul, is a very motivated AEGEEan who will not give up easily and has an addiction for the organisation he has been working for since 2011, both on the local and European level. The AEGEEan: The clock… Read more →

Jovana Trajković for NetCom: “motivation and dedication are the most important for a Network Commissioner!”

24 years old, from Belgrade, student of Greek philology and an AEGEE addicted ready to support the development and cooperation among Balkan locals. The upcoming Spring Agora Asturias 2015 will host the elections for the next Network Commissioners, and Jovana Trajković will be one of the candidates. Just a few days before the Agora, The AEGEEan got to know better her… Read more →

Proposals for Dummies 2: Improving the Network

The second roud of Proposals for Dummies deals with three proposals regarding the Network, aiming to make it more efficient and organised. If accepted, these proposals will be affecting not only the Network Commission, but also the AEGEE antennae. Firstly, we will deal with the proposal ‘Upgrading and Deleting locals’, secondly we deal with ‘Fixing a Date on which the… Read more →