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German-Ukrainian Youth Exchange “If I Were in Your Shoes”

Every month, many antennae around the Network organise activities that are related to our Action Agenda and Strategic Plan. Some of these locals become ACTive Locals of the Month, but often there is more than one outstanding activity taking place. One of these activities is the project “If I were in your shoes” by AEGEE-Kyïv and AEGEE-Berlin, which took place… Read more →

What the fAction Agenda?

This Agora we won’t only elect the new Comité Directeur and members of different Commissions, but we will also vote on the new Action Agenda. If you are asking yourself: “What agenda?”, this article is for you, but also those who already know what the Action Agenda is, are welcome to check out what the new one will look like.… Read more →

Erasmus+ Made Easy! How to Make the Most of it and Give it a ‘Plus’

Plenty of AEGEE members have heard about Erasmus+ at some point. However, not many of us have actually gone through the time-consuming application process. The long application form and the large amount of questions and items you need to think about sound like an unreachable objective for many locals and European bodies of AEGEE. And yes – it is hard,… Read more →

A Survey on Studying Abroad and Lifestyle

Have you ever thought to make a survey about people who study abroad? The Lifestyle in Mobility project partners did. We spoke with Svenja van der Tol, 23 years old and the Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe, who explains us something about her project involving also Erasmus students denominated “Lifestyle in Mobility”. Lifestyle in Mobility is a collaborative research project of the Catholic… Read more →

Youth Mobility in Europe After the Friday 13th

AEGEE has been one of the first Pan-European associations that supported Youth Mobility in order to empower students and young people in Europe to take an active role in society. ”After the attacks in Paris, Europe increased the level of controls, mostly on the borders,” says Afredo Sellitti, Policy Officer on Youth Mobility, which might cause some problems with travelling.… Read more →

The Visa Facilitation: Where Are We Standing?

AEGEE-Europe has always fought for a border-less Europe, being also among the first Pan-European associations who promotes Youth Mobility with the aim to encourage students and young people to be active in their society. However, recent changes in the Visa Directive made by the European Council, in which the Directive should be binding only for students and researchers, without the… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month AEGEE-Utrecht: “AEGEE Provides Amazing Opportunities to Make an Impact!”

A new month comes with a new ACTive Local of the Month. This month, the Dutch local AEGEE-Utrecht was elected for covering all of the Focus Areas of the Strategic Plan within one month organising four different activities. We spoke to the President of the local, Folckert van der Molen, to find out more about this local and their Action… Read more →

Introducing Policy Officers of AEGEE-Europe 2014-2015

During Autumn Agora Cagliari, Policy Officers were established as a body of our Network. President Paul Smits and Secretary General  Antonija Parat on behalf of the Comité Directeur presented a proposal to formally establish them in order to set some rules. The proposal was accepted with an overwhelming 94.49% of votes in favour. The position of Policy Officers was launched… Read more →