Do you know Mickey from AEGEE-Brescia?

Which Mickey were you thinking about when you opened this article?

AEGEE-Brescia has a new Michele whose name may become well-known, as he is candidating for the Audit Commission (AC). The AEGEEan interviewed this Italian boy to get to know him better and his programme too.

AEGEEan: Michele, can you tell us something about you? What do you do apart from AEGEE?

Michele: I consider myself as a funny, sociable person, enthusiastic about learning new things. Apart from studying at university and helping my father with his business, I like spending time with my friends, watching movies or series (HIMYM, TBBT, Xfiles, Lost and Southpark are my favourites), playing football and having fun at 90’s parties.

What fascinates you about bookkeeping and finance?

Bookkeeping could be boring for someone, maybe they are right, but I still find it ok. Finance teaches you how not to lose money and being the first one who do not want lose it, I love it!

How long have you been a “job shadower” (JS) in the Audit Commission and what did you learn in this time?

“Job Shadowers” are an experiment of the current Audit Commission. I am a JS since March 2012. In April I participated in the AC meeting in the CD House, where I learned a lot, especially how many ideas people can express about a counting issues or how treasurers interpret the expenditures. In my opinion, job shadowing should be part of CIA in the future.

What did you find more difficult in the Audit Commission task?

I had some problems relates to the knowledge of English counting lexicon therefore I had to spent time translating many words. But I like new challenges and I have already improved during these months of practice!

Who inspired and supported you in the choice of candidating?

In December I attended European School 1 in Passau, where I had the opportunity to meet “the family” and great trainers, who transmitted me the enthusiasm necessary for moving to the European level.

In your candidature you are mentioning a tutorship for treasurers. Can you give details? Which shape would it take?

With the aid of others members of Audit Commission, we developed this tutorship idea consisting in monthly skype meetings where the current and maybe future treasurers can expose their cases and questions.

Is the popularising of the Audit Commission work also one of your objective? If so, which instruments would you use?

I believe it is important to show that we are present and we can help. My idea is to involve treasurers in an European event hosted by a willing antenna. It can last three days and participants and the Audit Commission can discuss about FR, issues, budget, knowledge transfer and other. I already made a draft on my pc.

Do you know the other candidates? Is there someone who you would absolutely like to work with?

I know the other candidates since the meeting of Audit Commission in Comité Directeur’s house in Brussels. It was a great opportunity to learn how the others work and to exchange ideas for the future. It was a good weekend led by the motto “Work Hard, Party Harder”. I hope to join the AC and have some more of those meetings!

Good luck, Michele. The AEGEEan wish you as much success as your ononimo fellow citizen!

Written by Martina Zanero, AEGEE-Torino