Going back in time with pre-Agora event “The Symposium Royal”

Autumn Agora Cagliari is right around the corner, but before that, AEGEE-Roma is organizing a pre-event which will take place from the 25th until the 28th of October. We asked Elena Morisi, Vice-president and PR and event responsible of the local, and the main coordinator of the event a few questions in order to find out more about one of the pre-Agora events.

Elena Morisi, AEGEE-Roma

Raluca: You skipped organising a SU this year, but the rumours say that you prepared a great pre-event in October before Autumn Agora Cagliari. Why did you decide to organise a pre-event in Roma?
Elena Morisi: Yes, we did skip the SU but we organised a nice Summer Event instead! We decided to organise a pre-Agora event, because we knew that some people have to make a stop in Roma because of the flights, so… why not a pre-event? Moreover, we can organise the transfer by ferry with the help of AEGEE-Cagliari, so the party won’t stop until after the Agora!

How many members are involved in this event?
All of AEGEE-Roma’s members are invited to join me and the other five organisers, so we hope to have all our members with us! I share a lot of AEGEE spirit all around and I can’t wait for the event to start. The other organisers are really excited as well, and ready to meet new friends and spend time with them as organisers during the pre-event, and after that as participants during the Agora!

Why did you decide to name your event “The Symposium Royal”? What do you have prepared for your future participants?
We named the event “The Symposium Royal”, because it is a chance to share our experiences and knowledge about AEGEE, about the Agora, and it is also a chance to live as the aristocracy of Roma did. The title is also a wordplay from the movie “Casino Royale”, referring to the spy games and fancy nights we have prepared.

Why did you choose to have only twelve participants for your pre-event?
We decided to call for twelve participants only because in ancient times the Symposium was for an elite of people and also because we think that we can build a better group with less people!

How much is the fee and what does it include?
The fee is 105 euros and it includes a great accomodation in a nice hostel in the city centre, delicious breakfasts and one special meal per day! Included are also the social program and the public transportation. The fee doesn’t includes the transportation from Roma to Cagliari, but the train to the ferry costs just 5 euro and the ferry costs 38 euro, and if participants want to we can organise all the transfers. We hope we will all travel together to Cagliari!

What do you expect from this event?
I would like to build a great group so they can enjoy the event and the Agora with love and  great memories! Also it will be my last event as an organiser (I hope), so I want to create my masterpiece!

Why should AEGEEans choose Roma and the pre-event as the first stop before Autumn Agora Cagliari?
They should choose this event because we are full of energy and joy, and because we are working hard and organising it with love and because … Come on, Roma is Roma, the most ROMAntic city in the world! So we are waiting for all the applications, until 13rd September. WE WANT YOU!!!

More information about the event can be found here.

Written by Raluca Radu, AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca