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Boudewijn Steenhof for NetCom: “Being SubCom was like a first peek into AEGEE-Europe, and I would love for that window to become bigger!”

After having been a board member of AEGEE-Leiden, main organiser of two Network Meetings in a row and last but for sure not least Subcommissioner to Lia Tuska for the Dutch-speaking locals, Boudewijn Steenhof (AEGEE-Leiden) decided to take the step and run for NetCom himself. Read on to find out more about him, his motivation and plans! The AEGEEan: First… Read more →

Proposals for Dummies: Nationalities in the Juridical Commission and formally establishing Policy Officers

To prepare you for Spring Agora Patra we already wrote a series of articles under the name of Proposal for Dummies, and with Autumn Agora Cagliari coming close it’s time to do it again! This time, we decided to include the people who know the most about the proposals, namely the proposers! Read on to find more about the proposals… Read more →

Ioana Duca: “If I’ll ever candidate for CD, it will be for Financial Director”

The Comité Directeur still has one available place: Financial Director. Ioana Duca applied for this possition, currently being the interim Financial Director. She is a proud member of AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca and always willing to discover more of the AEGEE mystery. Read the answers she gave to The AEGEEan to find out more about her! The AEGEEan: Ioana, you started in AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca… Read more →

Ksenia for SUCT: isn’t it a pleasant thing, to spend a whole year working for happy SUmmer?

Ksenia Lupanova from AEGEE-Moskva is one of this year’s candidatures for the Summer University Coordination Team. She applied for Publication Responsible and confessed that she always dreamed to work for the project, but only now feels she’s ready to take this challenge. The AEGEEan interviewed Ksenia and talked about her brightest ideas, best and worst experiences as organizer and participant and… Read more →

Arnau Robert for Audit Commission: “I always loved economics and accounting!”

Although having joined his local, AEGEE-Tarragona, only a little over a year ago, Arnau Robert decided to think big after being the Audit Commission’s Job Shadower, and applied to be a member of the Audit Commission. During the upcoming Agora in Cagliari you will have the chance to ask him all your questions, but before that The AEGEEan asked him… Read more →

Matteo Nulli for Audit Commission: “Auditing is not just a mechanic task!”

Matteo Nulli from AEGEE-Brescia is one of the four candidates for three position in the Audit Commission. After having spent two very active years on local level, he moved to Spain and is now eager to take another step in his AEGEE life by joining the European level. The AEGEEan: Please introduce yourself. Matteo: Hey folks! I’m Matteo, a smiling… Read more →

Luca Lombardo for Audit Commission: “I can help the antennae with my experience before, during and after the Audit Commission.”

After doing a lot of work for his local, AEGEE-Torino (including being the superhero of their Summer University), Luca Lombardo decided to take the next step and contribute to the European level too, by running for member of the Audit Commission. During the upcoming Agora in Cagliari you will have the chance to ask him all your questions, but before… Read more →

Member of the Month Mattia Abis: “Only if you have passion you don’t get tired of doing your job”

Mattia Abis, “class” of 1987, has been elected as Member of the Month of August. Member of AEGEE-Cagliari since January 2012, he took up the position of internal vice-president in the local Board. After being Claudio Armandi’s (AEGEE-Napoli) subcommissioner during his term at the Network Commission, he ran in Autumn Agora Zaragoza and he was elected as Claudio’s successor, taking… Read more →