Welcoming Luxembourg to the AEGEE family

On the 9th of September, a new addition to the AEGEE family was announced, namely a Contact of AEGEE-Europe in Luxembourg. The AEGEEan spoke to Teona Khubutia to find out more about this new contact!

Originally from Georgia, Teona, who studied International Relations in Tbilisi and is now following the bilingual Master’s program of European Governance at the University of Luxembourg, took part in different conferences, seminars and trainings, where she found out about AEGEE. “I met some young people who were related to this large European organisation”, she tells us. “I became familiar with it, but I never thought of setting up a contact in my country”.

However, when she moved to Luxembourg for her studies, she didn’t have an active student life like she used to anymore because of a lack of youth organisations in her new hometown. “This is quite unfortunate, because the student diversity in Luxembourg could be a target group for any international youth organisation”, she tells us. “The university hosts about 100 different nationalities and represents one of the most multilingual and multicultural universities in Europe.”

Once she realised about it, Teona decided to set up a youth organisation on her own, creating a platform which would enable students to be active in a non-formal field, meet other young talents and live the dynamic student life to its fullest. With the criteria of finding a large youth organisation with a good reputation and representation in several countries, some recommendations from the university and advices from colleagues around Europe, in the end Teona decided to contact AEGEE about her plans. “The team of AEGEE has been so helpful, active and positive that I realized I made the right choice. I found a place where my fellows and I would like to belong”, she concludes. Welcome, Luxembourg!

Written by Svenja van der Tol, AEGEE-Nijmegen