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AEGEE-Bergamo for Local of the Month of May: “Organising a Statutory Event is a Very Complex Goal”

The winner of Local of the Month of May is none other than AEGEE-Bergamo! The organiser of the spring Agora 2016 hosted 1000 people, a huge number of participants even for an Agora. We had a talk with the board of AEGEE-Bergamo about the challenges encountered for organising AEGEE’s biggest statutory event, about their antenna and of course, about their… Read more →

Agora Through History: What Happened at Previous Agorae

Incredible things always happen during an Agora. The AEGEEan checked old material and asked some old members for interesting stories about this issue, a funny way to approach the upcoming Spring Agora Bergamo and read some legends of the past.  The Agora can be something legendary for those who have never been there, since they probably heard many stories before departure. For… Read more →

5 Essential Tips to Survive an Agora

Agora Bergamo is approaching day by day and you’d better prepare yourself both physically and mentally for it, because it’s about to become real in less than a week! Beside the necessary things you need to take with you undoubtedly, we want to help you with a few cool tips which you have to take into account once you are… Read more →

Workshops and Progress Meeting VI: LGBTQ Rights and My AEGEE Development

At the upcoming Spring Agora Bergamo, beside plenaries, prytania and workoshops, twelve Progress Meetings (PM) will take place. Excluding a Progress Meeting which will be on Friday afternoon, they will all be on Thursday and Saturday, divided in a morning slot and an afternoon one. Progress Meetings are a very important moment in AEGEE since we all can receive information… Read more →

Workshop and Progress Meeting V: Becoming More Intercultural, EU Jobs and Ideas Factory!

Soon Spring Agora Bergamo will start, where twelve Progress Meetings (PM) will be held. Workshops are a valuable and fruitful part of the Agora, and they are being prepared by several commissions and projects. During the third day of the Agora, there will be workshops on being intercultural “More intercultural! Your participants can learn even more!” and careers “EU Careers”. This sessions… Read more →

Workshop and Progress Meeting III: Network Update, Democracy in AEGEE and Backbone of AEGEE

Spring Agora Bergamo 2016 is one week away, and last-minute preparations are in progress. The Agora Booklet has been released, and Progress Meetings are on the agenda as always. We will try to look a little bit closer on the Progress Meetings, that are taking place on the second day of the Agora.   On the afternoon of the 19th of… Read more →

PROPOSALS #4: New DPPS implementation Timeline, Making the Life standards of CD house Better, Improving the Agenda and Resources of the Association

As we did for the previous Agorae, we want to present to you some of the proposals which will be discussed at Agora Bergamo. Don’t forget that for a complete picture you can (and should) check the entire proposal on our OMS. In this article we will be explaining four proposals, namely: “New DPPS Implementation Timeline”, “Making the life standards of members… Read more →

Pablo Palazon for Network Commission: “The Twin Antennae Program Needs a Little Bit of Extra Pushing”

Five Network Commissioners will be elected this Spring Agora and currently only four people are running for this position. Pablo Palazon, founder of AEGEE-Manchester, is one of them and we asked him some questions to get to know more about him and his plans for the network.   The AEGEEan: Tell us something about yourself. Pablo: I am Pablo Palazon!… Read more →