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Suzan Dilara Tokac for Mediation Commission: “My Professional Background is Helping me to Understand Human Nature and Psychology, Which is Very Crucial for Mediation”

If you never heard her name in AEGEE, you might have been living on a different planet. Suzan Dilara Tokac from AEGEE-Eskişehir has been very active throughout the nine years of her AEGEE life, going from PRC to being PR for two editions of the AEGEE Day to a term in the MedCom starting at Spring Agora Enschede. She still feels… Read more →

Matteo Lai for Member of MedCom: “My key words: prevention, impartiality and knowledge of the rules”

One more application for the Mediation Commission was made by: Matteo Lai. He, amongst other things, has been the IT responsible for AEGEE-Cagliari and an active member of The AEGEEan. Now he wants to give back to our beloved association by joining the Mediation Commission with his juridical knowledge.    The AEGEEan: Hi Matteo, please introduce yourself for our readers!… Read more →

Francesca Zorcolo for Network Commission: “That’s what I would like to do: support locals, make them shine and be present for everything they could need”

When you meet Francesca Zorcolo from AEGEE-Cagliari, you can tell straight away that she is an active member of our association. She was vice-president and president of her local, main organiser for NWM Cagliari 2106, subcommie for the Rainbow for Netcom Gabriele Scollo. Now candidating for the Network Commission.    The AEGEEan: How would you describe yourself? Francesca: My name… Read more →

Laura Garcia Rueda for SUCT “I’ve applied for SUCT because for me the SU project has a lot of potential to make the association more known, get and motivate members””.

Laura Garcia Rueda is a very energic and positive girl from AEGEE-A Coruña, she has a lot of experience on the local level ( she is currently the secretary of her local) and she has already worked with SUCT becaming a SUpporter for it this past year.   The AEGEEan : Can you introduce yourself for those who don’t know… Read more →

Vasiliki Andrioti for Member of SUCT: “I Think that Quality Should Be a Priority When It Comes to a Project like Summer University, and I Am in the Position to Offer This Quality as Content Manager”

Vasiliki Andrioti, member of AEGEE-Ioannina, main organiser of a Winter University and of a NWM, is one of the most active members of her Antenna. She also collaborated as SubCommie with Network Commissioner Spyros Papadatos.  Now she wants to share her passion for the SU project and improve it. Furthermore, Vasiliki shares some proposals about the 30th anniversary of the… Read more →

Daniël Amesz for Mediation Commission: “We’ve Been Able to Help People and That Is Just the Best Feeling in the World”

After candidating for Spring Agora Enschede and spending these past months working for the Mediation Commission, Daniël Amesz from AEGEE-Leiden is ready to committ for a full term. We reached out to him to discover more about his experience and plans.   The AEGEEan: In Enschede you promised you would reapply for the MedCom and here you are. Did the… Read more →

Iuliia AgaKulieva for the Mediation Commission: “It Is Better to Prevent a Problem than to Solve its Consequences”

Iuliia AgaKulieva found out about AEGEE two years ago. She was president of AEGEE-Tyumen, where she worked hard to upgrade the contact to a contact antenna and she succeed. Her next challenge is running for member of the Mediation Commission. The AEGEEan talked with her to learn more about her and her plans.   The AEGEEan: Can you tell us more… Read more →

Maria Zwartkruis for the Network Commission: “I hope I will be able to inspire and spread the AEGEE-spirit”

Not only AEGEE-Utrecht should know Maria Zwartkruis, who is one of the candidates of the Network Commission.  In this interview, you can read the successes of her life (in and out AEGEE) and know her more about her candidature as a Network Commissioner. The AEGEEan: Tell us more about Maria Zwartkruis. What do you do? What do you dream about your future? Maria:… Read more →

Álvaro González Pérez for European Citizenship WG Coordinator: “I want to see Thematic conferences back in AEGEE”

If you are looking for a versatile and hungry to learn a person, you can not find any better than Álvaro, who aims to get better every day. He has been really active in Projects Coordinator of the Language Interest Group (LIG) and now he is a candidate for the position of European Citizenship Working Group Coordinator.  The AEGEEan: Who is Álvaro… Read more →

Gabriele Scollo for Network Commission: “A Network Commissioner is the Good Teacher who Didn’t Forget how to Play”

Recently we talked with Gabriele Scollo from AEGEE-Torino, who is running for a position as Network Commissioner. He joined AEGEE when he was 25 years old, and has been an active member ever since. He was a member of the Action Agenda Committee for one year and participated in many local and European events otherwise. Now he is taking it to… Read more →