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PROPOSALS #2: Fixed Term for the MedCom, Gathering of Financial Documents of European Events, Modification of Locals’ Statutes, Nomination of JC Member in MedCom, Deadlines for Agora Official Documents 2.0

Agora Catania is starting in a few days and as always, the AEGEEan will try to help you better understand the Proposals which will be discussed during the Prytania. These following ones are proposed by the Mediation Commission, the Audit Commission, AEGEE-Aachen and AEGEE-Enschede.   Fixed term for the Mediation Commission Proposed by Damien Lacatz on behalf of the Mediation Commission.… Read more →

Suzan Dilara Tokac for Mediation Commission: “My Professional Background is Helping me to Understand Human Nature and Psychology, Which is Very Crucial for Mediation”

If you never heard her name in AEGEE, you might have been living on a different planet. Suzan Dilara Tokac from AEGEE-Eskişehir has been very active throughout the nine years of her AEGEE life, going from PRC to being PR for two editions of the AEGEE Day to a term in the MedCom starting at Spring Agora Enschede. She still feels… Read more →

Matteo Lai for Member of MedCom: “My key words: prevention, impartiality and knowledge of the rules”

One more application for the Mediation Commission was made by: Matteo Lai. He, amongst other things, has been the IT responsible for AEGEE-Cagliari and an active member of The AEGEEan. Now he wants to give back to our beloved association by joining the Mediation Commission with his juridical knowledge.    The AEGEEan: Hi Matteo, please introduce yourself for our readers!… Read more →

Daniël Amesz for Mediation Commission: “We’ve Been Able to Help People and That Is Just the Best Feeling in the World”

After candidating for Spring Agora Enschede and spending these past months working for the Mediation Commission, Daniël Amesz from AEGEE-Leiden is ready to committ for a full term. We reached out to him to discover more about his experience and plans.   The AEGEEan: In Enschede you promised you would reapply for the MedCom and here you are. Did the… Read more →

Iuliia AgaKulieva for the Mediation Commission: “It Is Better to Prevent a Problem than to Solve its Consequences”

Iuliia AgaKulieva found out about AEGEE two years ago. She was president of AEGEE-Tyumen, where she worked hard to upgrade the contact to a contact antenna and she succeed. Her next challenge is running for member of the Mediation Commission. The AEGEEan talked with her to learn more about her and her plans.   The AEGEEan: Can you tell us more… Read more →

Member of the Month of April Petra Buruzs: “Unconditional Trust is the Thing I Like the Most in AEGEE”

She started her adventure with AEGEE in 2013 through Summer Universities, then actively participating in her antenna, AEGEE-Budapest. She was in her local board for two times, attended almost every local event and currently she is a member of the Mediation Commission. Recently, she was also main organiser of the conference “Education for the Present, Democracy for the Future”. She is… Read more →

Meet Damien And Petra, Your Mediation Commission 2016-2017

For a second the possibility of having the Mediation Commission composed only by one person, Damien Latacz, seemed to be reality. Although it would have been fun to imagine him arguing with himself on the Mediation Commission cases, luckily one more person stepped up. The Mediation Commission 2016-2017 is now composed by Damien Latacz and Petra Burusz. He is a… Read more →

Damien Latacz for Medcom: “We All Mediate at Some Point, Especially in AEGEE”

27 years old and from France, Damien Latacz from AEGEE-Aachen is ready to run for a second term in the Mediation Commission. He has been living in Germany for the past four years and he is studying Metallurgical Engineering. He loves to cook and hike, and he loves winter. One term in the Mediation Commission was very satisfying for him and… Read more →

Workshops and Progress Meeting I: Agora, DPPS, Italian Language and a New Head Office

Agora is not just about candidates and proposals, but it’s a place where members of AEGEE can share also their knowledge in different fields and they are discussing the progresses on certain topics, such as Agora or Network Development. Overall, during Spring Agora Bergamo there will be 14 workshops and 12 Progress Meetings. You can check the agenda to see… Read more →

Paolo Ghisleni for MedCom: “I Want to Focus My Activity on Promptness of Intervention and Physical Presence”

Paolo Ghisleni (AEGEE-Bergamo) is running for Mediation Commission (MedCom). He is a member of AEGEE since 2009, he was a member of the Corporate Relation Committee and now is a trainer of the Academy. We interviewed him and he told us what is the main job of the MedCom and much more. The AEGEEan: Can you tell us more about… Read more →