Matteo Lai

Luca Bisighini and his Reform of the Audit Commission

We asked the Audit Commission to tell us about the reform they are carrying out. Its President Luca Bisighini focuses on what could be improved and explains why he decided to present his candidature for this demanding European position, also talking us through his choice of the Subcommissioners. His future plans involve fostering clear communication and bringing finance back among the hot… Read more →

Join the EPM with AEGEE-Zagreb for an Unforgettable February

For this article, we interviewed the Main Organizer Marina Klanjčić and the EPM Zagreb PR team. This statutory event will take place between the 23rd and the 27th of February. Listen to the EPM Zagreb PR Team to get to know everything about the motivation for organising an EPM and how EPM Zagreb is structured around the topic of populism.   The AEGEEan:… Read more →

List of NYE Events 2016-2017, part 1

This year, every member of AEGEE can choose from lots of New Year’s Events to spend the last days of 2016 with some European friends, outside their native city. Many antennae are planning a NYE such as: Utrecht, Maribor, Zagreb, Skopje, Napoli. In this article, we will provide you more information about some of these events.   AEGEE-Zagreb- “Zagreb ADVENTure” The… Read more →

A conference of Your Vision For Europe with AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca.

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca proposed some local and international events during the year but their most successful one was a conference organised last May, shortly before Agora Bergamo. We collected some information about the topics discussed in the conference organised by the Romanian Antenna, whose Main organiser was Bianca Sabau. The content of this event was built by the Your Vision For Europe… Read more →

NWM Beograd: You Cannot Miss a Serbian NWM in the “White City”

Andrea Adamović, the Secretary of AEGEE-Beograd and Main Organiser of the Network Meeting (NWM) in the same local, can count on the contribution of an amazing Board. As far as can be told, it seems that they will be hosting a successful NWM, the fifth NWMs this autumn. Isidora Braljinac, President of AEGEE-Beograd, and Aleksandra Mojsova, their Network Commissioner, told us… Read more →

Katarzyna Sokołowska for Secretary General: “My Friends Support My Decision”

Katarzyna Sokołowska (just Kasia for friends) has been a board member of AEGEE-Krakow, responsible for fundraising. The experience that she gained from her antenna and her internship at the Council of Europe motivated her to dedicate one year to the association in the AEGEE house. Here are the questions The AEGEEan had for the current Interim Secretary General who is running… Read more →

Stanislav Mahula for Network Commission: “I Want to Be Active in the European Level”

Stanislav Mahula was just 18 years old when he first joined AEGEE, so at that time it was something like “entertainment” for him. But now he wants to be more active at the European level and presented his candidature for the Network Commission. In AEGEE-Kyïv he was a member of the HR-Team, and helped to organise one Summer University and a lot of… Read more →