Theodora Giakoumelou

Workshops & Progress Meetings: Learning in AEGEE, Global Collaborations & EU-Turkey Relations

Agora Bergamo is less than a week away and all the participants from all over the network have already started checking out the booklets in order to find out what exactly will be happening during this general assembly. Other than deciding for the future of the organisation, the Agora is one of the best opportunities for attending workshops which can… Read more →

Elisa Tabbì for Juridical Commission: “The JC is Always Open to Give Support and Advice to Every Member, Local and European Body!”

Elisa has been a member of AEGEE-Catania for three years now. The experience that she gained from her antenna and the European bodies that she has been involved with so far, motivated her to take the next step and become a member of the Juridical Commission (JC) for the upcoming term. Here are all the questions the AEGEEan and its… Read more →

Matteo Lai for Juridical Commission: “Without a set of rules we couldn’t do anything”

Matteo Lai has been a journalist in the AEGEEan magazine since October 2015, but he is also active locally by serving his antenna, AEGEE-Cagliary, as its IT Responsible. His experience and passion for Law, though, motivated him to run as a member of the Juridical Commission for the upcoming term. Here are all the questions, that the AEGEEan and the Network had… Read more →

EPM Leiden 2016: A Meeting Filled With AEGEE Spirit

As February is getting closer, everyone is getting more and more excited for the upcoming European Planning Meeting (EPM)  2016 hosted by AEGEE-Leiden. With a very hot topic as the “Refugees in Europe – Europe vs. the Rest: Change of Perspective?” the Core-Team in Leiden is almost ready to present their participants with an unforgettable experience including some very important sessions… Read more →