Being a Visitor for Dummies

So, you’ve been accepted to go to the Agora as a visitor? Congratulations! You’ve packed your bags, you’ve printed your boarding pass, you’ve said goodbye to family, friends and whatever, and you’ve arrived at the most special of locations, the Agora. Yet, you don’t know what the hell you’re supposed to do there. Do not worry my friend, this is ‘Being… Read more →

Six Types of AEGEEans that You Can Find Around

AEGEEans come in numerous and  wonderful varieties. It’s hard to find anything wrong or hilarious about most of them, but we’ve dug deep and found six remarkable types of AEGEEans. Together these six types might one day end up in a sitcom that’s situated in, let’s say, for example, a Community College. However, before we give these different types of AEGEEans… Read more →

Six Things Aegeeans Always Say

Members of AEGEE… these legendary creatures with their own rituals that they might be as a sect (minus the mystic leader). We are aware that we use a different language full of abbreviations: CT, KT, PT, PM, CM, NWM, EPM, JC, CD etc., but we also repeat some sentences, to us or to strangers. Here are six things that we… Read more →

Christmas Around the Network

Have you ever noticed similarities between your country’s and other countries’ traditions for Christmas? There are many symbols attached to this holiday in Europe, and each country has kept its own identity and traditions, while enriching them with influences form various other sources. This diversity and richness prove the importance given by Europeans to the Christmas holiday. This year the AEGEEan… Read more →

5 Things You Didn’t Know About AEGEE (and Europe) During its Anniversary Year

Many things have changed about AEGEE during its thirty year existence. However, instead of looking back at its rich history, this article will take a look at five things concerning AEGEE, and by extension Europe, from 2015 that you might not already know. Improbable spelling. Everyone who is participating in the Agora in Kiev in October may have noticed that… Read more →

AEGEE-Leuven Tries Its Luck in a Dating App… and Finds It!

As a small local, as many of you probably know, it’s not always easy to find a  sufficiently stable members’ base. This seemed like AEGEE-Leuven’s destiny, until Heleen Yu, their previous President, suggested creating a Tinder dating profile for the local. AEGEE-Leuven was quickly convinced, and so it happened: “Hi there! My name is AEGEE-Leuven, and I am (pardon my… Read more →

A very European Christmas

Europe is diverse. This should not come as news to any true AEGEEans! But how diverse is Europe when it comes to Christmas traditions? The AEGEEan asked around to find out more about certain customs, meals and luck-bringing traditions from different countries. Obviously, not every single country could be mentioned, but another edition next year might follow anyways! The AEGEEan… Read more →